Back Pain, Restless Aching Legs - Linked to Foods

Did you know that your Problem Foods - can cause joint inflammation and lead to back pain and aching legs? But when you switch those foods for other great foods - the inflammation and back pain abates.


Brilliant Back Pain Relief - by Switching A Few Foods

Did you know that sensitivity to certain proteins found in many familiar foods can actually cause joint inflammation and even arthritis? And Yes, when these are removed from the diet - the inflammation abates and healing begins. (References below.) That means - when you eat differently and respect your food sensitivity:

    • Back pain and 'restless legs syndrome' disappears
    • Joint stiffness eases and ...
    • You don't need the strong medications any more!

But how does food intolerance cause back pain?


Food intolerance causes partially digested proteins (say from gluten, casein in milk and yeasts) to get into your bloodstream. These are not recognised as 'friendly' by your immune system. The immediate response is to set up inflammation in your body:

  • Inflammation at the joints causes stiffness and arthritis
  • Inflammation in the lungs or nasal passages causes respiratory congestion, asthma and chronic cough
  • Inflammation in the membranes of the brain causes headache and migraine
  • Inflammation at the skin can cause hives, eczema and psoriasis

So when you discover your food intoleracen - and Switch those foods for other great foods - the inflammation stops and you begin gto heal naturally. We understand this may be difficult to believe - (that a new diet can do what the doctors cannot) - that's why we always include letters from our Members - so you can read about the 'miracles' for yourself.



"Would you please publish my story. I took anti-inflamatories for nine years for stiff arthritic joints and back pain. According to my doctor I had to do it for life. But what with the side effects of strange moods and depresion I decided to look on the internet for answers and food allergy came up.

"The upshot is I used the Healing Program 21 day diary and got some answers. At first I was a real skeptic but now I am a believer...Getting on top of it all was a struggle at first but now I am a new person and guess what? No more anti-inflamatories - and no more side effects. I am my old self again - the one my husband remembers!

"Deborah please ask your readers whether they really need all those anti-inflamatories or if it's better to find the cause of the inflammation and just remove it."
Phyllis B. WA


Back Pain Vanishes When You Avoid Your Problem Foods

Imagine being able to sit, stand and walk about freely - without pain or stiffness. Imagine being able to walk the dog easily, climb up stairs and jump in and out of the car without effort! Imagine being free of the side effects of the medications!

It's true - the healing begins within a few days. . . . and you notice a difference within a week.

Here at foodintol® we base all our information on scientific studies published in the medical journals. The evidence on foods causing inflammation is startling - and it's not even new. Some research dates back to the 1960s. And you need to know about it - even if your doctor does not.


Chronic Symptoms From Food Sensitivity

When you have a symptom every day or every week - it is becoming chronic. Watch this video to understand why food sensitivities in particular - lead to Chronic Symptoms and chronic disorders like back pain.


Be Free of Back Pain and Restless Aching Legs

Imagine becoming pain-free - just by changing what you eat! We all change our diets all the time, don't we? There is no risk and so much to gain!

Millions of people have health problems because of Gluten (from grains like Wheat) and casein (from Dairy products), and also from Yeasts and Fructose. These can all can cause chronic symptoms - and from there to chronic disease.

But what we may not realise is that the body's efforts to fight the effects of these proteins can result in chronic inflammation in the joints like the neck and back. Sensitivity to foods is much more common than previously thought. Up to three in four people are affected (75%).



"My new diet means I have reduced my medication to almost nil. I'm not completely pain-free. But every week I can do more and more." Monica M. (UK)

"I had pain everywhere.  It seemed to be in both muscles and bones.  Even a couple of days where the pain was so bad that I couldn't do much of anything but sit in a chair. Now I am nearly pain free, I am sleeping so much better and  I don't have food cravings, and have lost about 20 pounds. Thank you." Barbara B. USA


I am ready for an immediate solution - what's next?

Here at foodintol® we have helped thousands of people overcome and prevent long-term symptoms and illnesses - by discovering their food intolerance. Everyone finds our simple step-by-step system effective and revealing. Now we can help you too.

With the Healing Program you'll pinpoint your intolerance. Is it Gluten or wheat intolerance or dairy, fructose or yeast? You may even have more than one food intolerance. Don't let your symptoms develop into chronic disease. Get the answer now with the Healing Program >

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Food intolerance and Rheumatoid Arthritis



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals