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A paper by Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd:


'On the Origin of Disease'

Xenos Theory: Solving sickness from a new perspective.


Executive Summary

Most disease research focuses on mechanisms, symptoms or infective agents in the quest for treatments. However - we begin with the Greater View of Homo sapiens. We wondered why modern humans are so vulnerable to disease - given that archaeology finds Paleolithic humans were virtually disease-free.

From this - and our unique and extensive knowledge of how troublesome breakdown products (food toxins) from e.g. grains and milk trigger immune responses (food intolerance) - a new theory of disease has arisen.

Xenos Theory is extensively supported in the medical literature - and anecdotally - in hundreds of member experiences. Further, closer scrutiny of the widespread diagnose-then-treat practice exposes how this very approach misdirects efforts to solve disease.

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