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Gluten is one Anti-Nutrient we know about

But when you add lactose, fructose, casein, zein, alkaloids, saponins and more - the reality is, many foods can make us overweight, bloated or ill.

Even amongst Gluten-free or other 'free-from' products some are unsuitable due to excess sugars, salt or additives. How can you know which to choose when there are so many options, carrying so many claims?

Now there is foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat where thousands of foods have been assessed, scored and compared - so you can reduce toxins in your diet.

Just check the Recommendations for Gold, Silver, Bronze etc. and select with confidence!



Why do we react badly to some foods?

Archaeology tells us no evidence of disease has ever been found in Paleolithic human remains. So why is there so much disease in the modern world? What are we doing wrong? How can we get back to 'no disease'?

The secret is the foods Paleolithic (Stone Age) people ate. . . or did not eat.

The 'Greater View' of Humankind

How can a simple change of foods bring about health benefits like this? Are there some foods which make us ill?

The science says 'yes' - because we have read it. Download free: icon Greater View (391.46 kB)


Here at the Food Intolerance Institute - we thoroughly research the knowledge before publishing. And the science supporting the Paleo diet is simple: this is the food which as a species we have evolved to eat.

In other words - Paleo is the perfect diet for us - and keeps us well. When we stray from it - illness begins.

How do scientists know this? Well - unbelievably - there was no disease in Paleolithic times.

  • There is no evidence of chronic or infectious disease in fossils from the Paleo era - between 2 million and 10,000 years ago.
  • But disease suddenly becomes visible in fossils later than this ... the Neolithic era. (To learn more download Greater View Science below.)


The Big Picture: 'Greater View' of Human Life

Can the Paleo diet heal disease? Do non-Paleo foods cause disease?

We are Homo sapiens . . . a species. And we all understand each species has very particular and different requirements …especially regarding diet. 

    • Lions must eat only meat
    • A horse eats grass - but gets very ill on chilli beef
    • Goldfish die quickly on the wrong food

We already know from keeping animals that disease and death can arise in a species - just from eating inappropriate foodsIn fact - every species on the planet has an ideal diet

So what is the ideal human diet? Can we really trust nutrition advice from food manufacturers? Or should you seek independent research? Here at the Food Intolerance Institute we pride ourselves on independent research - explained in simple language.

Now we have much more knowledge of our species - from recent human fossil discoveries . . . and it explains why we suffer such high levels of disease in the twenty first century.

  • By age 65 three in four of us will have one or more chronic diseases - including diabetes, heart disease, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

Find out how the wrong diet could be making you sick: 

Free download: icon Greater View (391.46 kB) . . .