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The 'Better in 5 Days - Fabulous in 30' Program

Learn how to reduce AntiNutrients - for easy good health habits


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A simple email-and-app program

Start feeling better in 5 days!

The Food Intolerance Institute has been involved in this work for more than fifteen years. With tens of thousands of happy subscribers - we know our programs work.

  • Our conclusion. We have proven that:

    • AntiNutrients like gluten casein, alkaloids, additives, some sugars and other chemicals cause symptoms and illness in unsuspecting people.

    • But learning how to avoid them delivers welcome improvements. 


Back in 2012 we surveyed 900+ members who had completed the program and reduced AnitNutrients in their diet. Here are some of the results:

Members reported that in addition to healing their symptoms like bloating, headache and back pain - there were other benefits:

  • 70% reported increased energy levels

  • 37% experienced less stress

  • 40% reported better ability to concentrate

  • 50% now have a brighter mood

  • 38% of overweight respondents noticed weight loss


How the Program Works 

>> The idea is to keep your AntiNutrients levels low ...

>> The app measures and tracks AntiNutrients in every food you eat!

Step #1 Download the Free App 

Step #2 Login with your User name and email

Step #3 Check your email for Welcome message and what to do next. You'll receive daily messages on how to proceed from there.

What the program covers:

    • Learn 'How to Switch' meal choices for better options

    • Access AntiNutrient rankings for any food - instantly

    • Receive essential meal planning tips

    • Track your progress 

    • Enjoy Recipe Videos for delicious dishes


Notice quick results

When you reduce AntiNutrients - results happen fast. There are many AntiNutrients including: Gluten, Casein, Lactose, Salt, Excess sugars, Additives, Lectins, Saponins, Phytoestrogens, Sorbitol, Preservatives and others!  How can you possibly avoid them all?

But the app does it for you - instantly.

  • In five days you'll notice welcome changes

  • In one month - others will notice!