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Reduce the Impact of Food Toxins (AntiNutrients)

We humans are not designed to eat everything available to us. Some foods contain food toxins or AntiNutrients that we are unable to digest.

That's how the trouble starts. Semi broken down particles are released - damaging the small intestine, allowing leakage into the bloodstream. The immune system detects 'foreign' invaders >> chronic inflammation, recurring infections and autoimmune disorders.

  • Around 72% of Australians have more than one chronic disease by age 65.


Three Reasons to think about changing your diet



How Can It Work So Fast?

For many years your body has been struggling to digest foods which contain toxins like casein, excess sugars, glutens, alkaloids and others. And as we age - it all becomes too difficult . . . you feel sick and start to notice symptoms.

But removing those AntiNutrients from your diet gives your digestive system a welcome break - and it begins to heal naturally - from the inside. 

> Things start to work properly - and unseen tissue damage is arrested. 

> Your immune system becomes available to protect you from colds and 'flu

> Vital organs recover ... and your energy returns 

> A feeling of release takes over as you step forward - and move on with your life


Keeping a record of foods eaten

It's essential (and easy) to keep a record of what you eat - to track changes in symptoms as you switch foods. Choose from two great options:

> Enter foods in the Detection Diet Journal ... Healing Program

> Or enter foods in iPhone app: Better in Five Program


Two Options for Discovering Your Food Intolerance

World-first programs from the Knowledge Leaders

HealingProgram BetterIn5NEW 
 Enter foods in Detection Diet Journal Details  Enter foods in iPhone app More
 First results in 3 weeks  Results in a few days


Many People Misread the Signs - Survey

Our landmark survey of 900+ members who had used our program brought surprising results.

> 59% were surprised by their results:

    • 17% had suspected the wrong intolerance all along
    • 42% found they had an unexpected second intolerance


Additional benefits from discovering intolerances

As well as healing symptoms like bloating, headache and back pain - members noticed additional benefits:

>> 70% reported increased energy levels

>> 48% now need less medication

>> 40% reported better ability to concentrate

>> 50% have a brighter mood

>> 38% of overweight respondents noticed weight loss


Am I affected? How common is food intolerance?

Many people feel they are not affected by food intolerance. But the research evidence says otherwise. Research says 75% (3 in 4) of all people have some type of food sensitivity. A few statistics:

>> 3 in 4 have lactose intolerance (even if they are unaware)

>> 15% are unable to digest gluten (difficult to identify and often misdiagnosed)

>> 1 in 3 cannot tolerate fructose (often misread as other illnesses)

>> Up to 90% of Asians have dairy sensitivity

>> Inflammation caused by Nightshades, legumes and yeast infection is often misdiagnosed


Which intolerance? ... (You can't tell from symptoms alone)

It would be convenient if a certain group of symptoms meant a particular intolerance. But that's not the case.

Symptoms from each intolerance overlap with each other like this ....

  • Say you suffer headaches:
    • You could be casein, gluten or nightshade intolerant
  • Or say you have Irritable bowel (IBS)
    • You could have lactose, fructose, legume or gluten intolerance

How to sort them out?

Record what you eat ... with guidance

> Track your foods - against changes in symptoms

> Discover your food intolerance - know for life!


Member Letters - What happens when you reduce AntiNutrients

'My headaches have reduced drastically as well as the regular wheeziness' Erica


'How could all those doctors I saw not know about this? I feel like I have wasted so many years of my life. I am so happy I found your website. You have given me the knowledge to get on with my life and ENJOY!' Kate P.


'My neurological issues have reduced significantly. I have had two to four migraines with aura per month for the last two years. I have now gone 31 days straight without one. That's huge! My skin issues have diminished ... my musculo-skeletal symptoms have decreased to almost nothing. Thanks, Bob Sawitski'


'Now I know what causes the eczema ... two doctors - a dermatologist and a general practitioner are amazed. Now that my skin is clear they look at me skeptically as if they don't really believe that all I'm doing is avoiding certain foods. It's rather amusing really!' Virginia


'Since August I have lost close to 15 lbs - not even trying - I certainly eat my share of corn on the cob, potatoes and rice! ... My cholesterol has plummeted as well to 187 from a high of 264.' Diane