Stomach Bloating - Intestines At Breaking Point

People say that food intolerance is not life threatening: it's lifestyle threatening. . . right. Like when you are sitting in a meeting and strange rumbling noises below your waist start to compete with the speaker's presentation. Embarrassment!

If your stomach (abdominal) bloating happens every day, it's chronic – and it's a classic symptom of food intolerance. It can be fixed permanently and easily with no need for probiotics, supplements or special yogurts.


But I've Never Had This Before - Why Now?

People often ask us - 'Why now - in my twenties/thirties/forties . . . ?? I've never had this before - what's changed?'

Food intolerance is from birth - because it is genetic. Young bodies can cope with all kinds of abuse. But with age - we experience stresses:

  • A career change or job loss
  • Death of a loved one, or relationship breakdown
  • Birth of a child
  •  . . . even moving house

In our twenties we could swallow anything without consequence: daily pizza, fried foods, milk shakes, beer, chocolates, scotch whisky, lots of salt and sugar - just for breakfast! Young bodies are resilient.

But as we age, our bodies become less tolerant of this misuse. Even if you never previously had trouble digesting dairy foods, grains or artificial sweeteners - you can suddenly you find yourself bloating up after meals, or really uncomfortable in a favourite skirt. It's not 'normal' to suffer like this.


Why bloating happens

The digestive process routinely produces gases in moderate volume that are odourless or almost so. Different foods are digested at different rates and with different chemicals present. For example - the biochemical process for digesting meat is different from the process to break down sugars, starches or fats. Each food breakdown process has its different needs .

Most of the time our amazing human body provides the enzymes, acids and other things in the exactly right concentration and at exactly the right moment for digestion to run well. Most of the time the foods we eat are successfully transformed into energy and waste materials... most of the time.

This alone should be regarded as a miracle!


The  miracle of digestion

After all, we eat a huge variety of different foods. We eat while walking around. We get up and run after eating. We eat too much. We eat indiscriminately. And sometimes we eat when we're not even hungry.

In addition - we eat foods that are not suitable for us, we drink alcohol - sometimes in excess - and we take drugs. The body still goes ahead trying to process it, but the waste products may not be the same. Different gases may be produced, in larger quantities and at higher temperatures than usual.

Think about it: hot gases cause pressure and ballooning in some parts of the small and large intestines causing pockets of gases and moving pain and gurgling, rumbling noises.

Of course these gases are not the usual odourless ones. They are the result of incomplete or abnormal digestion, but it's the best your body can do with the foods you have given it to digest. Many of us just don't have the biological equipment to process certain foods!

This kind of gaseous waste is often hot, smelly, noisy, painful and highly toxic. Not to mention embarrassing. Flatulence is the really unmentionable twin symptom of bloating.

  • To reiterate - bloated stomach is the result of incomplete digestion
  • The bloating is excess gas arising from abnormal reactions in the gut

Most Common Culprits

According to the medical journals - the most likely food intolerances leading to chronic or regular bloating are:

  • Dairy intolerance
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Fructose sensitivity
  • Yeast Sensitivity
  • Nightshade sensitivity

How do you get relief? Here at the Institute we specialise in identification of food intolerances. Just find out which one of these is your problem food and switch it for another food. Simple as that.

Any food which is giving you a constant (chronic) symptom - will also be doing you damage - every day and every week. Why ask for trouble later in life?

Why not find out the cause and move ahead with your life! The foodintol® Healing Program is guaranteed to find multiple food intolerances. More >




Food intolerance and Gastrointestinal diseases


All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals