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The Gluten Free Awards: foodintol® Ranking

The World's First Metric for Gluten and Other AntiNutrients



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PictureGraphic cropWhy have Awards?

Most Gluten Free Awards are decided by popular vote. But how that does reflect the quality of a food - or even its suitability for food-sensitive people? We believe there should be a quantitative measure of AntiNutrients.

The foodintol® Ranking (fRg) is a scientifically-derived score dictated by a food's ingredients, origin and processing. Available as an App - the fRg is the world's first metric for assessing AntiNutrients.


Recognising Excellence in Food Production



Best Gluten Free Breads

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Best Dairy Free Milks

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Best Snack Chips

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Best Salad Dressings 

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How to Select Foods with Lowest AntiNutrients



Tap Recommendations - and choose products with Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.

We care deeply about our subscribers and followers. Because anyone with food intolerance must avoid AntiNutrients to stay well.

It is our mission to publish useful information about 'free from' foods - so you can enjoy the widest possible range.


Why Have Awards?

We think Awards are an effective way to show which products have the lowest AntiNutrients. Just look for Gold, Silver, Bronze or Approved. It makes shopping so much easier!









World-First Measure for AntiNutrients

  • foodintol® Ranking (or fRg) is an estimate of AntiNutrients in a food.

AntiNutrients include gluten, lactose, casein, additives, colours, preservatives, alkaloids, lectins, excess salt, sugars including fructose, phytic acid, sorbitol and others.

The foodintol® Ranking algorithm was developed after four years researching the effects of AntiNutrients on the body - and their links to disease.

  • foodintol® Ranking estimates AntiNutrients foods - based on their  ingredients, origin and processing

AntiNutrients - as the name suggests do the opposite of nourishing the body. Once in the digestive system - they can disrupt processes, trigger inflammation and even cause tissue damage.

We help consumers avoid them - to live healthier lives!