Better in 5 Days with Support

Effective 'get healthy' + weight loss program.

Better 5 Days - Fabulous in 30!

Requires iPhone 6 

How does it work so fast?

For many years your body has been struggling to digest foods which contain toxins like casein, excess sugars, glutens, alkaloids and others. And as we age - it all becomes too difficult . . . you feel sick and start to notice symptoms.

But removing those AntiNutrients from your diet gives your digestive system a real break. Things start to work properly - and unseen tissue damage is arrested.

Vital organs recover ... and your energy returns. 

Program includes e-books, e-course & 24/7 Support:



Program comprises:

    • 15 x part e-course . . . precious information on foods and symptoms
    • How to get the best results
    • Dozens of simple low AntiNutrient recipes
    • Inspiration, Tips & traps to save you time
    • PLUS! Subscriber Support 24/7 for 21 days

You will also need WhatNot2Eat from the App Store:

  • This app measures AntiNutrients in foods 
  • Enter foods - and monitor your score ... easy!
  • Progress tracked on a graph
  • Recommendations, warnings and alerts 

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>> There is a free version of the app - or choose Premium to access all features : US $1 / day ($32/month)

PLEASE NOTE: Not available for Android. After purchase you will be directed to the App Store to download app.

Science-Based Research

The program is backed by the Institute's 16 years of research on the links between AntiNutrients and illnesses. Quality research - foodintol® is HON Code accredited.


Wide range of great foods

You'll be surprised at the huge variety of foods you can eat. Yes! you can have treats - because daily scores are averaged out!


Be Better in 5 days - and Fabulous in 30'Guarantee rosette

The longer you stay with it - the better you'll become!