'Healing Program - DIY Package'

Package of 7 ebooks. Easy Journal system: actual proof of food intolerance.

BARBARA: Since following the journal the outbreaks have healed completely.  Not one of the doctors I had seen ever recommended a change in my eating habits.  I have been on many prescriptions, and my doctor finally diagnosed fibromalgia after a process of elimination.

I had pain everywhere.  It seemed to be in both muscles and bones.  Even a couple of days where the pain was so bad that I couldn't do much of anything but sit in a chair. Now I am nearly pain free, I am sleeping so much better and I don't have food cravings, and have lost about 20 pounds.

You receive all these:

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Dairy_Free_Compl_4f67a42c8e8fd_139x196    Yeast_Free_Compl_4f67a46e3cf0f_139x196    Less_Common_Sens_4f67a45229d9c_139x196

The Healing Program Do-It-Yourself Package finds food intolerances in adults or children - even multiple sensitivities! Everyone loves our easy step-by-step system.

Start with the Detection Diet Journal . . . it guides your every step. You learn the THREE PHASES of investigation and what to do for each. Importantly - it shows you how to interpret your particular results. Print the Journal first and answer the three questions at the front - then you'll know which Complete Guides you need. Everyone is different - and nobody can predict which Guides you'll need without answering those questions first.

EMILY: I just wanted to thank you for your website. I've been mainly suffering from severe stomach cramping and bloating. But also bad moods, liquid retention and more for the past 12months. It was a sudden onset and I thought it was from drinking too much water. I went to the Dr.s and they said my body has just changed and that I’m just fatter. I got to stages where I got sent home from work because I was so tired that my eyes wouldn't stay open.

In only 1 week of my new diet i feel sooooooooooooooooooo much better. I feel like my old self again. just wanted to say a very big thank you.

It's the perfect do-it-yourself system. Even if you're already on a special diet - our program points up common pitfalls and small details so you can nail it. Each Complete Guide features:

  • Food guide Lists
  • Shopping Guides for each section of the supermarket
  • Meals Guides - breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Tips & Traps - so you can avoid mistakes
  • Dining Out Guides - for Chinese food, Spanish, Greek, Japanese etc.
  • Recipes . . . and much more

No shipping charges. All delivered instantly to your Inbox.  


VIRGINIA: Thank you so very much.  The information gained on your web site has changed my life!  Now I know what causes the eczema and I have the choice of whether or not to eat the foods that I know will cause me problems (and I usually choose not to). 


Two doctors, a dermatologist and a general practitioner, are amazed.  I used to see them on a regular basis about my eczema and they prescribed many creams and ointments--none of which worked.  Now that my skin is clear, they look at me skeptically as if they don't really believe that all I'm doing is avoiding certain foods.  It's rather amusing really.  Thank you! 

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