'Healing Program with Support'

Package of 7 ebooks + plus 21 days Support. Actual proof of all your food intolerances

The Sure Pathway to Glowing Health

  • A staggering 3 in 4 people will have one or more chronic diseases by age 70.

Ok - you already know that 'going Paleo' brings enormous health benefits - and the promise of a long active life. But the diet itself can seem a little overwhelming.

Now there is another way. This purpose-designed program shows you how to move towards the Paleo diet - gaining many of the benefits - while indulging in special favourites along the way. The best of both worlds!

  • The secret is to find your particular 'problem' foods

It might not be what you think! Our survey showed that 59% of people were surprised by their results when they finally did an investigation. They had suspected the wrong foods all the time!


How to know what's safe for you? 


Blood tests and other clinical testing may work sometimes. But by properly identifying your 'problem' foods (the Journal method) - you will be guided away from disease - and towards a Paleo diet. And you'll learn how to have loads of choices and yummy treat options.


You'll also enjoy:

  • Evaporating symptoms ...
  • Improving fitness
  • A sense of wellness and motivation returning
  • And reduced risk of disease

So which day would you like to start feeling better?


With the Healing Program you receive all these:

 Detection_Diet_J_4f66a9c7b99bb_139x196   Gluten_Free_Comp_4f67a44b87cc2_139x196    Fructose_Free_Co_4f67a4451b3d7_139x196    Wheat_Free_Compl_4f67a467ad997_139x196

Dairy_Free_Compl_4f67a42c8e8fd_139x196    Yeast_Free_Compl_4f67a46e3cf0f_139x196    Less_Common_Sens_4f67a45229d9c_139x196

The Healing Program E-book package (with Support) finds ANY food sensitivity in adults or children - even multiple sensitivities! Everyone loves our easy step-by-step system.

Start with the Detection Diet Journal - it guides your every step. You learn the THREE PHASES of investigation and what to do for each. 

21 days Support included: we answer queries within 24 hours via email. Even if you are already on a special diet - our program picks up common pitfalls and small details. Each Complete Guide features:

  • Food guide Lists
  • Shopping Guides for each section of the supermarket
  • Meals Guides - breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Tips & Traps - so you can avoid mistakes
  • Dining Out Guides - for Chinese food, Spanish, Greek, Japanese etc.
  • Recipes . . . and much more

No shipping charges. All delivered instantly to your Inbox.

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This foodintol® package carries our Money-back guarantee. It works or your money refunded.



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