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Which Foods Cause Which Symptoms?

Sure, you know about gluten. But when you add lactose, lectins, fructose, casein, zein, alkaloids, saponins and more - the reality is, many foods could be making you overweight, bloated or ill.

Even amongst Gluten-free or other 'free-from' products some are unsuitable due to excess sugars, salt or chemical additives. How can you know which to choose and how to avoid illness?

Now foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat scores and ranks thousands of foods for you to compare. Discover which foods cause which symptoms - with Tips, Cautions and Recommendations.

WhatNot2Eat revolutionises food intolerance . . . exactly what you need - in an App!



How To Discover Your Food Intolerance

The Healing Program Package

Seven ebooks in this package.

Pinpoint your problem foods - and take control of your life. Be free of illnesses and nagging symptoms - and prevent chronic disease in the future.

The Healing Program delivers so many benefits:

  • Symptoms abate in days
  • A permanent solution: never have them again
  • Achieve weight changes - without effort
  • Notice better skin, hair and nails
  • Instant delivery to your Inbox - no shipping costs

The Healing Program is the only simple and proven Journal-based system guaranteed to find all your food intolerances. And it's easy! Learn more >












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