Get well, stay well: Reduce your f-Ranking

Meter4.6Can't reach fitness, stomach bloating, headaches or fluid retention? Dark circles under the eyes, mood swings, diarrhea, back pain, IBS, sinus, stiff joints or migraines?

Your problem may be AntiNutrients like gluten, casein, additives, fructose, lactose, alkaloids, lectins, zein and others. This remarkable app foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat measures AntiNutrients. 


 >> Foods with AntiNutrients rank high on the f-Ranking meter: 8 - 40.

 >> Hundreds of your favourite foods rank low - in the Target Zone


BENEFITS FOR YOU: Symptoms fade away, allowing you to feel good again. Shop the best options with confidence. More in video.


What’s your f-Ranking right now? Enter your foods and read the meter. Simple.






How To Discover Your Food Intolerance

The Healing Program Package

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Pinpoint your problem foods - and take control of your life. Be free of illnesses and nagging symptoms - and prevent chronic disease in the future.

The Healing Program delivers so many benefits:

  • Symptoms abate in days
  • A permanent solution: never have them again
  • Achieve weight changes - without effort
  • Notice better skin, hair and nails
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Healing Program




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