The foodintol® Awards 

for Gluten free, Dairy free

As part of our mission to inform and educate - we regularly confer Awards in various food categories. Our aim is to help you successfully navigate the supermarket 'health foods' aisle. The foodintol® Ranking (or fRg) is a measure of AntiNutrient levels . . . so look for LOW RANKING foods in the app.


WINNER Best Dairy Free Milk - September 2017






 Winner Best Gluten Free Bread August 2017

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 See at a glance which foods have lowest AntiNutrients - with the App.


Check out all the winners in these categories:

icon Top 10 Dairy Free Milk Products Sept. 2017 (657.22 kB)

icon Top 10 Gluten Free Breads Aug2017 (809.07 kB)




What are the foodintol® Awards?

The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia independently confers awards on best-ranked (lowest AntiNutrient) foods. Most food manufacturers work hard to provide for gluten-sensitive and dairy-sensitive customers using only the best ingredients. We pay public tribute to these companies via our Awards - acknowledging their diligence and care - by recommending their products.

Other manufacturers however - despite best efforts - include unacceptably high levels of AntiNutrients.

Our purpose is to serve our food-sensitive followers by informing them of AntiNutrient presence - including gluten, lactose, casein, additives, colours, preservatives, lectins, excess salt, sugars including fructose, phytic acid, sorbitol and others.

Meter4.6AntiNutrients - as the name suggests do the opposite of nourishing the body. Once in the digestive system - they can disrupt processes, breed inflammation and cause tissue damage. Our purpose is to help consumers avoid them and live healthier lives.

How do we do this?

  • The algorithm in foodintol® Ranking WhatNot2Eat actually measures AntiNutrients in processed foods - based on their declared  ingredients. Surprisingly AntiNutrients can be present in hundreds of so-called 'free from' manufactured foods. 

So - which gluten free cereals have the lowest AntiNutrients? Which Muesli bars?  And which almond milk - and soy milk? We publish 'Best of' lists regularly here and on our Facebook page.


Know your best options ... 

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