Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd

My Journey from Food Intolerance - to Paleo

If only I had moved straight to Paleo ... I would have saved myself years of illness.

That's why I created PaleoRanking - a simple app. Now anyone can do it!


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There's a Long Road to Great Health - and a Shortcut


Back in the 1970s all I wanted was relief - and weight loss. But because there was little information - I took the long road of investigating food intolerance. Knowledge really is power!


I had constant symptoms (headaches, anaemia, sinus pain, chronic tiredness, glandular fever, pneumonia, gastro symptoms, frequent virus infections - even after two miscarriages and a life-threatening blood disease - doctors were unable to heal me - or even tell me why


I had always followed well-known nutritional 'rules' - but had gained many kilos without explanation. For two decades I had dozens of tests and many pills and antibiotics - with all their side effects. But nothing changed.


So I decided to apply my chemistry degree knowledge. In 1995 after months of research in university libraries reading dozens of studies - I tracked down the possibility of food intolerance and began experimenting with foods. Well, what a revelation!

This is the 'after' picture at my son's wedding - I was finally well, energised and so much slimmer! 

That was the 'long road'. It spawned the Healing Program journal system which thousands of our members have used with great results. The Healing Program >


The Shortcut to Healing and Great Health

Over the years, our research made us delve deeper into the links between foods and disease.

  • Now we know exactly why disease happens: Scientists have shown in hundreds of studies that certain foods are directly linked to the onset of almost all autoimmune diseases - and the accompanying loss of immune defences which allows infections to flourish.

That is - foods which contain gluten and casein (grains and dairy products) are directly associated with the rise of chronic and infectious disease. The Science Behind Paleo

So what is the secret shortcut to great health according to the science? . . . Move to a Paleo regime.

And the simplest way to do that is with our easy free app. PaleoRanking.




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