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Terms & Conditions

1.    Subscribers agree to the following:

i.    Current contact details: Subscribers agree to keep their contact details up to date by using “Manage Your Subscription” link in every newsletter

ii.    Personal use only: Subscribers agree to access website resources for their personal use only.

iii.    Review of Terms & Conditions: Subscribers acknowledge that these standard subscription terms and conditions may be modified from time to time and agree that they are responsible for regularly reviewing these standard terms and conditions, and they agree to any such modification.

2.    Cancellation of free subscription: A subscriber may withdraw or cancel subscription at any time by using the “Manage Subscription” link in all newsletters.

3.    Suspension or termination of free subscription: The Owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate any subscription if they find that the subscriber has behaved in a manner deemed unfit.

4.    Spam filters and email blockage: The Subscriber accepts all responsibility of receipt of messages (including payment confirmations) via email from the foodintol website. The blockage, hindrance or failure of delivery or receipt of emails due to the Subscriber's spam filter or other personal security firewalls is not the responsibility of The Owner and no compensation is payable by The Owner for loss or inability to access. See also Clause 5 below regarding Subscriber's computer equipment.

5.    Computer hardware and software: The Subscriber accepts responsibility for having appropriate computer hardware, software and internet access. Specifically, the Owner is not responsible for the Subscriber’s inability to download materials due to outdated, inappropriate or malfunctioning computer equipment and/or software.


1.    Owner: The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd ABN 37 644 931 517 (proprietor of website - the Owner and referred to herein as The Owner).

2.    Subscriber: The person applying for Subscription must be sixteen years or older and be of good character.

3.    Website means the website at url:


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