63 Diseases Linked to Gluten & Dairy

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Already diagnosed? Did you know your disease may have been triggered by food toxins?

Things like glutens and casein, phytates and others are 'hiding in plain view' - in familiar foods?



Our gift to you: How to start healing

This ebook is the result of sixteen years of research and experience in food intolerance.

We know that removing food toxins from your diet will make you well. And we believe everyone should have access to this information - even though doctors are slow to accept it.


A Personal Question

Are you suffering from diabetes, autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, intestinal cancer, multiple sclerosis, miscarriage or heart disease?

Would you be prepared to make a few changes to your diet to remove slow-acting poisons - and gradually start to heal yourself?

Even if you dislike the idea of gluten-free or other '-free' foods as a way to start healing - would you like to know it was an option?

Put another way - if you were not given the information - and learned about it a few years later after your disease had progressed - would you be okay with that?

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Food Intolerance Self Assessment Scoring

Find out your probability of having food intolerance

After completing the Self Assessment Quiz - use these ratings to score your likelihood of having food intolerance(s).

Your Score

Probability you have food intolerance

Possible benefits from identifying food intolerances

10 - 30

Low probablility - or as yet unapparent

No significant benefit at the moment

31 - 40

Low to medium probability

Symptoms reduce - reduced risk of chronic disease later in life.

41 - 60

Medium probability - (one intolerance)

Symptoms fade, energy and wellness return - with reduced risk of family chronic disease. More positive mood and greater motivation. Diagnosed disease may begin healing.

61 - 74

Medium to high probability - (one or more intolerances)

Visible health improvement: better overall energy and wellness with reduced risk of chronic disease. A new feeling of motivation to resume previous projects or activities. Diagnosed illnesses start healing.

75 - 99

High probability - (one or more intolerances)

Noticeable and signifcant changes in appearance, and better overall health and energy. Reduced risk of chronic disease. All over healing and with more positive mood and motivation. Diagnosed illnesses begin to heal.


Very high probability - (more than one intolerance)

Dramatic life changes due to improved health: ability to do many activities not available to you at present. Much reduced risk of chronic disease. More positive upbeat mood and better motivation. Diseases already diagnosed begin healing.


How can I find out my food intolerances - and avoid family diseases?

We suggest two ways to move forward from here:


Consider purchasing one of the Institute's Healing Programs to pinpoint your particular 'problem foods'.

It's an easy 21 day Journal System that finds any and all food intolerances.

Our clients report they feel better - and have more energy. They also find they resist infections better - like colds and 'flu ... and use less medication.

Plus the added bonus of reaching their ideal weight naturally.







All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals

Rate Your Knowledge of Food Intolerance

To substantiate information used to compile this Quiz - see references >

QUICK QUIZ Solutions

Solutions are italicised, bold.



1. How common is food intolerance?


a). 1 in 1000 (0.1%)


b). 3% of all people


c). 1 in 7 people (15%)


d). 1 in 3 people (33%)


e). 3 in 4 (75%)


f ). All people



2. Does Food Allergy involve the immune system?


a). Always


b). Frequently


c). Sometimes


d). Never



3. Does Food Intolerance involve the immune system?


a). Always


b). Frequently


c). Sometimes


d). Never



4. Which type of testing is the most effective for

detecting Fructose malabsorption?


a). Breath testing


b). Intestinal biopsy


c). Blood tests


d). Elimination diet


e). VEGA testing


f). Faecal testing (DNA)



5. Regarding Gluten intolerance what does a

negative test result for Celiac disease mean?


a). You have Celiac disease


b). Gluten intolerance can be ruled out


c). Gluten intolerance cannot be ruled out


d). You have Gluten intolerance



6. Which food intolerance(s) are linked to Eczema?


a). Yeast sensitivity


b). Dairy intolerance


c). Corn allergy


d). Gluten intolerance


e). Nightshade sensitivity


f). Fructose sensitivity


g). Wheat sensitivity


h). Casein allergy



7. What is the difference between wheat intolerance

 and Gluten intolerance?


a). No difference - they mean the same


b). Wheat intolerance is a part of Gluten intolerance


c). Gluten intolerance is part of Wheat sensitivity


d). They have nothing in common at all



8. Which food intolerance(s) are linked to headaches?


a). Casein allergy


b). Gluten intolerance


c). Nightshade sensitivity


d). Lactose intolerance


e). Fructose sensitivity


f). Yeast sensitivity


g). Soy allergy


h). Corn allergy



9. Which food intolerances are not linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?


a). Casein allergy


b). Gluten intolerance


c). Nightshade sensitivity


d). Lactose intolerance


e). Fructose sensitivity


f). Yeast sensitivity


g). Soy allergy


h). Corn allergy



10. What happens when you have Leaky Gut?


a). The gut contents leak into the stomach


b). You suffer from diarrhea


c). The intestine filters out too much waste


d). The intestine cannot absorb nutrients



11. Which of these childhood and teenage health

conditions is linked to food intolerance?


a). Colic in babies


b). Projectile vomiting


c). Diarrhea


d). Moodiness


e). Colds and 'flu


f). Eczema


g). Bronchitis


h). Small stature for age


i). Learning difficulties


j). Behaviour issues


k). Teenage depression


l). Asthma



12. Regarding Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance -

which of these is true?


a). Celiac disease damages the gut - gluten intolerance does not


b). Both can be diagnosed via intestinal biopsy


c). Celiac Disease is a small subgroup of gluten intolerance


d). Celiac Disease and Gluten intolerance are the same thing



13. Which of these medical conditions is linked

to food intolerance?


a). Diabetes Type 1


b). Diabetes Type 2


c). Heart disease


d). Respiratory disease


e). Rheumatoid arthritis


f). Eczema


g). Migraine


h). Frequent colds or 'flu


i). Alzheimer's, dementia


j). Psoriasis


k). Bowel disease e.g. colitis


l). Addiction


m). Multiple sclerosis


n). Osteoporosis


o). Depression


p). Thyroid disease


q). Obesity


s). Miscarriage



14. Which of these symptoms is linked to food intolerance?


a). Sinusitis


b). Chronic cough


c). Back pain


d). Constipation


e). Mood swings


f). Mouth ulcers


g). Heartburn


h). Rashes


i). Colds & 'flu


j). Vaginal thrush


k). Chronic fatigue


l). Repetitive strain injury


m). Allergies, hay fever


n). Dizziness, 'brain fog'


o). Addictions


p). Weight gain


q). Weight loss



15. When people discover their food intolerance and

substitute problem foods - how soon does healing begin? (Select one)


a). Within a few hours


b). Within a few days


c). In two weeks


d). In one month


e). Within a year



Rate Yourself: Maximum Score 100

  • 70 - 79% - Time to connect the dots between your symptoms and certain foods? Journal Method >
  • 90 - 94% - A good grasp of the basics - you should almost have no symptoms!
  • 95 - 100% - We can't teach you anything ... please come and work with us!


Fill out my online form.

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Control Symptoms and Enjoy Peace of Mind - By Discovering Your Right Foods

The Healing Program Solution

Find out exactly the right foods for you - and take control of your life. Live well, live long. As a once-only purchase - the Healing Program delivers so many benefits:

  • Solve Irritable bowel and bloating
  • Achieve your best figure - naturally and without effort
  • Lose the headaches, sinus pain or migraine
  • Notice better skin, hair and nails: look good and feel great
  • Heal eczema and poor skin
  • Loosen up stiff joints, back ache and neck pain

The Healing Program is the only simple and proven Journal-based system guaranteed to find all your food intolerances. Learn more >














All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals

Learn the telltale signs of food intolerance

Read more: Know the 12 Signs

Muddled Metabolism? Storing Fat vs Burning It

Read more: Weight Loss Secret

The Twelve Signs of Food Intolerance

Part B: Signs 5 - 8

Food intolerance can appear as dozens of symptoms - and some don't seem related to food at all. You'll notice some happen now and again - others you have suffered for years.

But the warning signs are there - if you know what to look for!

Another Four Classic Signs of Food Intolerance 

5). Chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, colds and 'flu:

Respiratory conditions are often related to food intolerance. Once again it is the immune system responding by generating inflammation - this time in the lungs and nasal passages. But getting the diet right alleviates symptoms permanently. This is especially important for children who might otherwise miss learning opportunities. More on respiratory issues >

6). Eczema, psoriasis and chronic skin conditions:

Many people are surprised to find out that food intolerance can cause skin conditions like eczema.

This and psoriasis are just other forms of inflammation. Moving to the correct diet allows the skin to heal naturally. Clear skin is important to anyone - but especially so for children and teenagers who are still developing self esteem.


7). Aching joints, backache

When you have food intolerance your body is unable to fully digest certain foods. Unexpected products are generated - and some of them are not recognised as 'friendly' by your immune system. So an immune response takes place - inflammation - and this can settle in the leg joints (leg pain) or joints of the spine (backache, arthritis). 

So if your arthritis or backache has been caused by food intolerance - you can heal it - with Journal Method. 


8). Gradual weight gain - or weight loss

When you have unrecognised food intolerance - your thyroid gland can be affected. That means your metabolism gets disrupted. The thyroid gland processes your food either into energy (to burn) or into fat (to be stored for later use).

Mixed up signals means you 'store' when you should be 'burning' (weight gain). . .or vice versa. People who seem to stay thin regardless of what they eat probably have undiagnosed food intolerance - because they are unable to absorb nutrients from food. Getting back to your ideal size is easy - using a purpose-designed journal.


Three in Four People Have Food Intolerance

You now know 8 of the 12 Warning Signs of Food Intolerance. And yes - food intolerance is very common. Around 75% of all people have one or more of them . . . three in four people!

> The next instalment of 'The Twelve Signs' will be in your Inbox soon.


Research and References

All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals

A Proud History of Healing


Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd



Quality Assurance Guarantee

Since 2003 we have helped tens of thousands of people heal themselves - by 'switching a few foods'.

We are proud of our humble beginnings after founder, Deborah Manners pored over dusty medical journals in university libraries - pre-internet days. Peer-reviewed medical research is the cornerstone of our ever-accumulating knowledge bank - now the Food Intolerance Institute of Australia.

foodintol® programs have been used by thousands of people around the world with consistent results. They are easy and effective. That's why they are guaranteed.

If you have any questions or problems whilst using one of our programs please contact us 24/7:

Contact Us


icon Request For Refund


If you need to make a claim - we will allocate a consultant to assist you promptly.

Our exhaustively researched publications are trusted around the world for their simplicity and accuracy - and because they work.

If you are not happy for any reason - just let us know and we will refund your money immediately.

You either resolve your food intolerance issues, or get your money back!

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All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals

Which Foods Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Believe it or not we can actually start feeling blue and even get depression by eating foods our bodies cannot fully digest. It's called food intolerance - and the partially broken down food molecules produced get up to terrible mischief in the body.

Sometimes they create inflammation in the skin or joints or organs. And sometimes they disrupt those precious vital processes which allow us to cope and stay happy.

Sign up for the Free e-book 'How To Tell If You Have Food Intolerance'


Anxiety Attacks and Depression - From Many Foods

If you are experiencing anxiety, blue feelings or even early signs of depression - it could be something as simple as eating the wrong foods (references below). So before resorting to heavy anti-depressant medication - make sure you have thoroughly checked out whether you could have a food intolerance.

  • Wouldn't you rather Switch a Few Foods - than get into heavy medications - and all their dreadful side-effects?

According to medical Journal evidence - the main culprits for anxiety and depression are:

  • Gluten from grains like Wheat and Barley
  • Sugars like those in processed foods
  • Dairy products (lactose)
  • Nightshade vegetables... and
  • Yeast - from many foods

You may be intolerant to one or more of these - and it may be making you feel bad. How to find out?

Get answers with the Journal Method >


Why a Journal to find Your Food Intolerance?

A journal puts system into your exploration. It's easy. All you do is track your symptoms as you switch a few foods. Find out more >


Member letter

Thank you so much for this site, this site is such a relief to me. I have had horrible mouth sores, gas + bloating, horrible depression and fatigue, I'm a classic example. If it were up to my doctor, I'd be on a plethora of prescription drugs, I can't wait to wean off of almost all of them. No medical person even brought up food intolerance - I researched it myself, I knew there had to be something to this. Thank you for helping me!!!  Sincerely, Michie

MICHIE (Two years later) ....I am really excited that you want to use my letter (that would be a "yes"!) Hopefully, you will reach even more people who are suffering needlessly from food intolerance.....you are presenting a real healing and viable solution. Thanks to you . . . I am living a happy life. I don't feel like I'm missing anything because there are many food choices out there for people like me, thanks to forums like yours who bring people together and create a demand for healthy food alternatives.

I appreciate you contacting me, and I wish you all the best on your latest venture!!! Michie


I think I might have food intolerance: What should I do?

Beginning with the free e-book we can help you establish if you are suffering from gluten or wheat intolerance or if your symptoms indicate an intolerance to dairy, fructose or yeast. You may even be suffering from more than one food intolerance.

Doing nothing can be a risk. Undiagnosed food intolerance can cause serious long-term health problems like osteoporosis, anaemia and many others. Sign up for the Free E-book 'How to Tell If You Have Food Intolerance'



Food Intolerance and Depression



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals



Founder of the Food Intolerance Institute - and former sufferer Deborah Manners:


foodintol® Healing Programs

“Introducing a Testing Program for discovering your problem foods and eliminating symptoms, quickly and easily - guaranteed to work within 21 days or your money back.”

The Food Intolerance Institute has helped tens of thousands of people who now enjoy greater vitality and freedom from persistent health problems, thanks to the Healing Program.

Get Yourself Well at Last

If you suspect that your chronic health symptoms might be due to a food, or you already know you suffer from food intolerance, this may be the most important website you read all year... 

Food intolerance is like a “delayed-reaction” food allergy, and because the symptoms may appear days after you eat specific foods, it's often difficult to identify exactly which foods are to blame.


Already Diagnosed in a Clinic?

Are you eating correctly for your intolerances - but still not well? Clinical tests are often misleading. . . but your symptoms don't lie!

That's why the Healing Program (Journal Testing) will nail it for you . . . guaranteed or your money refunded!



You may have food intolerance if you suffer from any of these:

      • Headaches: constant headaches, sinus pain and/or migraines
      • Skin problems: rashes, hives and eczema
      • Weight gain or unexplained weight loss
      • Bloating, gas or extreme abdominal discomfort
      • Digestive problems: irritable bowel (IBS), constipation, diarrhoea, nausea
      • Respiratory problems: sinusitis, asthma, sore throat, persistent cough
      • Aches and pains: back ache, stiff joints or arthritis
      • Candida: fungal infections like thrush, jock itch, tinea etc.


Remove the Cause of Symptoms - and the Healing Begins

But rather than constantly treating the symptoms of food intolerance, it makes much more sense to find and remove the cause, doesn’t it? – In other words, find the specific foods that trigger your particular health problems.

The Healing Program is the complete solution:

    • You receive the brilliant Detection Diet Journal plus six Complete Guides (to Gluten-free, Yeast-free, Fructose-free etc.)

This unique, scientifically-based program has been used successfully by thousands of people since 2003.

When you follow our Healing Program (just 21 days to wellness!) your long-term symptoms evaporate – because you eliminate the cause, rather than just treat the symptoms.  Find out more >



Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Deborah Manners. For years I suffered with problems caused by multiple food intolerances. I struggled, trying to piece together information from doctors, scientific journals and books. But in 1994 the fuzzy collection of symptoms I described to my doctor was not typical of anything in particular.

My food intolerance was actually holding me back physically, mentally and professionally. Finding my way through the maze of food types, advisors, unfamiliar ingredients, new terms and language, recipes and labelling laws was difficult and frustrating. I felt like I was going in circles...

...but with the aid of my science background (I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours) and together with the help of a very talented and dedicated team, I thoroughly researched the medical literature and other reputable sources and developed a foolproof method of identifying problem foods and restoring health.

So in early 2004, I made my food intolerance Healing Program available to others via the internet - and to date have helped tens of thousands of people overcome their food intolerance problems finally and forever and regain their health.

All the hard work has been done for you. The information, recipes and step-by-step guides have been written specially to take you smoothly through the obstacle-course of food intolerance. The Healing Program >

What benefits can you expect when you follow the Healing Program?

People who follow the Healing Program report that they are healthier, happier, and enjoy eating more than ever. Some who have suffered chronic illness for years improve dramatically – or heal completely. You can expect:

  • A clear improvement in overall health: your skin glows and your energy bounces back. Early on you feel an initial positive change in your outlook. Later this evolves into a whole new sense of true wellness
  • Nagging symptoms disappear and the stress and aggravation evaporate
  • Get back to your ideal weight! If you are overweight, those extra kilos start to melt away. If you are underweight, your body heals and strengthens once it becomes properly nourished. 
  • Avoid serious disease later in life. Scientific studies show that food intolerance is linked to serious disease. Tackling it now means you get to enjoy a grand old age with your grandchildren and great grandchildren – but it's the immediate benefits you'll enjoy most. 



"My life has been turned around"

I have done the journal and found to my surprise that after 56 years of being constipated (going once a week/fortnight from a young child) to going every day. 

It's a miracle AND I have been suffering from insomnia (thought to be hormone related) for 7- 8 years and am now sleeping every night like a log.  I am extremely happy and want to thank you for your help. 

My daughter had done the program and suggested I try it.  I am very glad I did.... my life has been turned around.  Thanks - Lesley : )

"The Healing Program picked up another intolerance..."

"NOW I'VE GOT PROOF there was something wrong. I knew it, I knew it! And now I understand why I got so big ... it was fluid retention, about 13 pounds (6 kg) of it! Thanks so much. We love you guys! " - Beth L., FL (USA)


The Healing Program: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Here's what you get in the Healing Program:

1). The Detection Diet Journal: This fully laid out Journal is step-by-step guide - complete with with Frequently Asked Questions. Just 21 days to wellness!

2). The ‘Complete’ Food Guides

Special eating guides to cater for all food intolerances:

  • The Yeast-free Complete Guide
  • The Dairy-free Complete Guide
  • The Gluten-free Complete Guide
  • The Wheat-free Complete Guide
  • The Fructose-free Complete Guide
  • The Less Common Food Sensitivities (inc. Nightshades)

Each Complete Guide helps so many ways! Each contains:

  • Food substitution tables and selection lists
  • Shopping Guide for every section of the supermarket
  • Meals Guide – for meals ideas
  • Dining Out Guide – ranking different cuisine types
  • Tips & Traps: we help you avoid pitfalls
  • Recipes – tried and tested - and safe for your diet


How much to buy the Healing Program?


Zero-Risk Money-Back Guarantee



How to claim refund

The foodintol® Healing Program has been tried and tested by thousands of people from around the world with fantastic results. In fact, it is SO EASY AND EFFECTIVE that it comes with my unconditional money-back guarantee.

If the Healing Program - or Healing Package does not work for you, just send us your completed journal or daybook and we will not only refund your money - we will pay the postage too!

Refunds are handled promptly and with no fuss. (Although refund claims are less than 1%. Customers love the Healing Program!)

No risk! You either resolve your food intolerance, or get your money back!



Order with confidence . . . with the world's favourite payment gateway.

Buy the Healing Program >


Yours in great health,


Deborah Manners B.Sc. (Hons)Dip.Ed.
Creator of foodintol® and the Healing Program



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals

Health Risks of Untreated Food Intolerance

There are serious health risks associated with untreated food intolerance. If left unattended chronic symptoms can develop into chronic disease. That's why it's vital to investigate. Avoid disease later in life . . . find out your Problem Foods using a simple Journal.

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Health Risks of Long Term Untreated Food Intolerance


Check this list of illnesses associated with untreated food intolerance. If you see some which apply to you or your family make sure you investigate food intolerance soon. Getting onto the right for you helps prevent chronic disease.

  • Anaemia
  • Auto-immune conditions like:
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Diabetes type 1
    • Graves’ disease
    • Crohn's Disease and others
  • Behavioural problems in children
  • Bowel cancer
  • Celiac Disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Heart disease (atherosclerosis)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Infertility
  • Learning difficulties
  • Malnutrition (from poor absorption of nutrients)
  • Miscarriage and difficulty conceiving
  • Neurological conditions e.g. multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, epilepsy, memory loss
  • Obesity and metabolism issues
  • Osteoporosis, bone density loss
  • Psychological disorders e.g. depression, behavioural difficulties
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Others


How does the Journal Method find my food intolerance?

Nobody can tell from symptoms alone - it could be any of the main intolerances because symptoms overlap.

But with a purpose-designed Journal as in the Healing Program you make a few notes each day as you switch a few foods. It's easy and fun! And it finds the cause of your symptoms in just 21 days . . . more about  the Healing Program >

Not ready for a solution yet? To learn more – sign up for the free e-book ‘How To Tell If You have Food Intolerance’



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals



The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia

Creator and Founder - Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd



Deborah Manners is a consumer just like you, who used to suffer with a raft of unexplained symptoms and illnesses including migraine, weight gain, IBS, sinusitis, back ache and miscarriage.

Now she is healthy, slimmer and 17 kg lighter. Her two children are now healthy adults. Back in 1996 she discovered she had a number of food intolerances - after exhaustive research of medical journals in university libraries. This knowledge and her journey back to health changed everything in her life, including her career. 

Her passion is to share this knowledge with anyone who wants a healthy body, sparkling mind ... or wants to achieve improved fitness and athletic performance.

Her university studies (Monash University, Australia) included physiology and chemistry majors. These disciplines assisted her original research of medical journals and enabled the high calibre website content about food intolerance. Thousands of scientific papers have been read, digested, sorted and collected together in an easy-to-read format.


Where do we get our information?

We use the purest and most trustworthy source: peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. Thousands of scientists are working all round the world all the time to explore how foods affect our bodies and what we can do to protect ourselves from ill health and disease.  Here at foodintol® our charter to stay abreast of new findings and report them back to you - the food intolerant consumer.

See our constantly updated  References page for medical Journal references.

With the help of a very talented and dedicated team foodintol® has been created to be what Deborah wanted all those years ago - when she was searching for answers: a comprehensive resource centre about food intolerance with News, Facts and Solutions to streamline life for those with food intolerance. Read Deborah's story


Our Promise to You

  • Plain language - yet comprehensive information on food intolerance
  • Simple step-by-step guides and strategies for identifying and managing food intolerance
  • Continuously updated titles incorporating new research


Our Mission

We have developed foodintol® to be both educational and effective support for those with food intolerances and food allergies. There are five main issues we face and this is how we address them:


foodintol® is your REFERENCE SITE. Your best defence is always good information! We value education and want you to understand:

      • No two people are the same - and neither are their food sensitivities. We each have unique food needs

      • Undiagnosed food intolerance leads to chronic disease: arthritis, diabetes, cancers and others

      • How to find out what’s in the foods you and your family are eating

      • How to identify and manage your food sensitivities without drugs or therapies


We review scientific and medical findings continuously and publish them (with references) in an easy to understand format. There are always new discoveries being made. To learn more sign up for the Free-book 'How To Tell If You Have Food Intolerance'

Restaurant Dining

We all love to eat at restaurants – safely. This can be difficult, frustrating and demoralising when restaurant staff don’t understand food intolerance. The Healing Program Complete Guides contain Dining Out Guides to enhance your dining out experiences.

Minimising Medications

Because food intolerance is genetic - it is for life. You don’t get over it. We believe it is better to adjust your food choices slightly to manage illness and disease - than to use medications. Do this by staying informed, and understanding how you body processes foods.

You can trust foodintol® publications - all our information is drawn from peer-reviewed medical journals.

Driving Change

Since 2003 we have been driving change by publishing and educating the community about food intolerance. We hope healthcare professionals will begin to recognise and diagnose symptoms of food sensitivity more readily. Food intolerance is not well understood by the medical profession - in Australia - or elsewhere  around the world.

Understanding your own individual food intolerance, and its consequences breeds a heightened awareness of food sensitivity generally. Our members need to have A VOICE with food manufacturers, major retailers and government for better, wider choices. One of the major objectives of foodintol® is to raise general awareness of food intolerance and its prevalence - via education in the community. We believe an informed and vocal community will be more effective at bringing about change.



The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd - foodintol® is a privately funded Australian entity set up to address the needs of those with food sensitivities.ABN 37 644 931 517

We provide information and practical solutions to overcome the difficulties of food intolerance. We derive some revenue from the sale of our publications and support services. No third parties provide funding - and no conflicts of interest arise. Our purpose is to assist those (up to 75%) of all people with special needs arising from food sensitivity.


Advertising policy

We do not accept advertising on this website. We do not participate in free web hosting services. Nor do we display exchanged banner advertisements. foodintol.com and the foodintol® trademark are wholly owned in Australia by the Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd ABN: 37 644 931 517



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical studies


Member Letters

People (just like you) have switched a few foods and changed their lives forever.

DIANE: When I stopped eating those foods, my life changed, seemingly overnight.  I lost eight pounds in 6 weeks;  I'm short and have a petit frame, so every pound shows on me.  Since August, I have lost close to 15 lbs.  Not even trying--I certainly eat my share of corn on the cob, potatoes and rice! My cholesterol has plummeted as well, to 187, down from a high of 264. More >


Jane - tests indicated nothing . . . now a 'convert'

I'm seeing my doctor on Wednesday and I'm sure he's going to want to run a bunch of tests.  I've just had so many tests in the past that say "normal" or whatever, according to their criteria, and it was when I started reading about food intolerances etc that some light was shed on the possible real cause.  I'm mainly referring to my diarrhea here - 10 years of suffering, endless tests saying "normal" and then a finally a solution that turned out to be a fructose malabsorption problem, and relief coming within days by simply eliminating some foods from my diet. 

You'll have to forgive me - I've become a bit of a major "Food Intolerance Convert" after years and years of no answers from the medical profession.  Your website really opened my eyes.  Sorry if I think you have all the answers - it's a big compliment from me - sincerely.

Keep up the great work.  Kindest regards - Jane

Ian - Gluten intolerance missed by Celiac test

Dear Deborah,

A few years ago I purchased your program as I had been sick with IBS for 15 years (but did not use it). I did not improve very much because my doctor kept telling me I was not gluten intolerant as I was not celiac.

After testing positive for lactose intolerance I went to a dietitian who put me on a gluten free diet. Since following the diet to the tee I have improved 90%. I am still testing different foods but I feel the best I have felt in 15 years.

All the doctors were doing was give me more drugs: Nexium,Somac,tazac etc. I had cameras up and down 4 times in a few years. . . each time they found nothing wrong. All I can say is if I had of followed your Gluten advice years ago I could have had years more life enjoyment.

Ian McF

Emily - bad moods, fluid retention - all better now

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I've been mainly suffering from severe stomach cramping and bloating. But also bad moods, liquid retention and more for the past 12months. It was a sudden onset and I thought it was from drinking too much water.

I went to the Dr.s and they said my body has just changed and that I’m just fatter. I got to stages where I got sent home from work because I was so tired that my eyes wouldn't stay open.

In only 1 week of my new diet i feel sooooooooooooooooooo much better. I feel like my old self again. just wanted to say a very big thank you.

(Later) Hello! Of course you can use my letter, that's no problems at all. Thanks for asking. Have a safe Xmas & new year! Emily

Virginia - eczema cured

Thank you so very much.  The information gained on your web site has changed my life!  Now I know what causes the eczema and I have the choice of whether or not to eat the foods that I know will cause me problems (and I usually choose not to). 

Two doctors, a dermatologist and a general practitioner, are amazed.  I used to see them on a regular basis about my eczema and they prescribed many creams and ointments--none of which worked.  Now that my skin is clear, they look at me skeptically as if they don't really believe that all I'm doing is avoiding certain foods.  It's rather amusing really.  Thank you!  Virginia

Diane - regained her figure, no more daytime sleepiness

When I stopped eating those foods, my life changed, seemingly overnight.  I lost eight pounds in 6 weeks;  I'm short and have a petit frame, so every pound shows on me.  Since August, I have lost close to 15 lbs.  Not even trying--I certainly eat my share of corn on the cob, potatoes and rice! My cholesterol has plummeted as well, to 187, down from a high of 264.

So now the hindsight comes into sharper focus:

I'd always had a problem with "Fiber"--couldn't understand why this was supposed to be so good for you, since all it did was to make me quite ill (Very bloated, irritable bowel, the works).  Never could tolerate much fiber and bran was simply awful.  I was very sensitive to vegetables, too--couldn't seem to digest them properly, very gassy, esp raw veggies.  And I was always taking something for my digestion, from peppermint tea, to ileo-cecal tonic, to buckthorn and senna supplements.  Nothing helped consistently.

Now I realize just how much was due to food intolerance.  Now I'm digesting all food better, I have a craving for vegetables that is new for me, and I'm off all supplements.

In general, I look and feel fantastic!  Better energy, no more bouts of daytime sleepiness, better concentration.  My clothes fit much better, I may even be going down a size (instead of up a size, which was where I was headed!).  My skin is smoother.  I sleep through the night better, and wake up refreshed, not groggy.  My exercise program just took a leap into the stratosphere after I started eating properly--it was as though I could "find" and feel my muscles in a way I couldn't before. 

And so, a great, big THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart (and gut!).  I pass along your web site to everyone I know who is having food issues.  Keep up the good work!!!

All the best, Diane, New York

Lesley - lifelong constipation, insomnia relieved

I have done the program and found to my surprise that after 56 years of being constipated (going once a week/fortnight from a young child) to going every day. 

It's a miracle AND I have been suffering from insomnia (thought to be hormone related) for 7/8 years and am now sleeping every night like a log.  I am extremely happy and want to thank you for your help. 

My daughter had done the program and suggested I try it.  I am very glad I did.... my life has been turned around.  Thanks - Lesley : )

Carole H.  - severe bloating, eczema relieved

"I am currently following the Detection Diet and not a doubt in the world...sensitive to gluten. I started this past Saturday. I have suffered from severe abdominal distention. As of today, waist is down a whopping 4 inches! No more "knot" up high in my stomach, constipation going away.

Battled eczema on my face in two stubborn places for years...GONE. Had celiac antibody test a year ago...came back negative. Amazing, huh? Tell Deborah I thank her with all my heart. Next is the dairy discovery!" Carole H., MI. USA

David - lifetime of illness turned around

Aloha, I have been sick on and off all my life. I began getting sicker in the last 10 years I have been living without lots of foods and am now eating some of my favorite foods I didn’t think I would ever eat again.

My daughter found your website a few weeks ago and I joined immediately. I have learned a lot from you already. I am eating more variety in foods and not getting sick as much as I was.

You have changed my life!!!  Mahalo (thank you)

DAVID (One month later)

Thanks so much for all the great advice. Because of this list I am enjoying foods I haven’t had in years. I had resigned myself to lots of plain steaks and rice. It is wonderful to have color and flavor back in my diet in the form of certain fruits and vegetables.

Mahalo, David

Jane F. and daughter Caitlin - Crohn's disease turning around

Just thought I’d give you some feedback from Caitlin’s paediatrician. 

The first thing he did was comment how well Caitlin was looking.  He was very receptive to the whole food intolerance concept.  He said that they at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne had been looking more closely to the link between Crohn’s disease and food intolerances.  .  .

I told him all about your website and he was most enthusiastic and is going to have a good look at it.  He said to stick with the gluten-free/dairy-free for Caitlin (I was going to any way), taper off her steroids and see how she does over the next couple of months. 

All in all it was a very positive visit.  Again, I can’t say how grateful I am to finally have some answers. I was worried sick about Caitlin before starting this regime.  She was so thin, pale and achy.  Now she had colour in her face and has put on 1kg in a week and a half. 

She still feels achy and I’m really wondering about eliminating sugar from her diet.  (I’ve lost 6kg – wooohooo!!!!) Yes, I know we should be filling out the food journal – I promise we’ll start this weekend. 

Kindest regards  - Jane F.

Tracey - fifteen years of misery was fructose!

Thank you - after 15 years plus of suffering and having very little life without certain medication, I have found i cannot tollerate fructose, I am feeling better than I have for ages! Symptoms gone I can enjoy life … again big thank you. Tracey

Barbara B. - breakouts, long term pain healed

I am so excited about my results.  The eczema is healing, I no longer have the chronic pain that my doctor had finally determined was fibromyalgia.  The prescribed meds I tried made it worse. Today is day 15 and I have already lost 10 pounds, without any hunger.  I am not getting the saggy skin that usually comes with a 10 pound loss either.  I feel better than I have felt in years. 

Thank you, thank you,

Barbara B. (2 months later)

I have been doctoring since Dec. '09, determined to achieve good health.  After a complete physical, allergy testing, dermatologists, sleep studies (and 2 months with a cpap machine) and many other doctors, the best they could tell me was that my outbreaks were fungal and eczema. 

The dermatologist put me on antifungal medication in February and I had taken it until last week.  It helped, but did not completely clear up my problems.  

Since following the journal the outbreaks have healed completely.  Not one of the doctors I had seen ever recommended a change in my eating habits.  I have been on many prescriptions, and my doctor finally diagnosed fibromalgia after a process of elimination.

I had pain everywhere.  It seemed to be in both muscles and bones.  Even a couple of days where the pain was so bad that I couldn't do much of anything but sit in a chair. 

Now I am nearly pain free, I am sleeping so much better and  I don't have food cravings, and have lost about 20 pounds.  . .

Barbara B.

Hannah - stomach pains, lethargy - sorted

Hi - For a few reasons I didn't actually start doing gluten free until Thursday last week.
Although the lethargy had subsided by Saturday I still had stomach pains and some bloating/gas, so, is it ok that I decided to start to cut out dairy too?

It's now Monday afternoon and I started dairy free too from Sunday and I feel SO much better already! My stomach is much less bloated and I woke up without swollen fingers and feet (another symptom I get frequently) and I don't feel like I might embarass myself with gas any moment!

I've also found some wonderful UK websites that sell "free from" products online and some of them have really wide ranges of products, unlike when I go to the local supermarkets!
I really feel like I'm taking control of my life already, in fact, I'm getting back a life, because the symptoms can be quite debilitating, especially the lethargy for me. Anyway, thanks already and I'm excited about keeping going! Hannah

Jacqui - on how we tolerate discomfort too well

Jemma - I logged in and have been for the last 2 hours reading through it. Its a very good read and well designed. I have all (not all), some of the symptoms of gluten and dairy intolerance, but I also think that yeast is in there somewhere too. Its taken me about 10 years of going through weight gain, bloating, flatulence, stomach aches, water retention to finally realise that there was a problem.

What is amazing is the human capacity to just overlook and accommodate the discomfort and not least, the expense, of re-arranging lifestyle to tolerate it. 

I actually realised that I could do something about my body myself about a month ago - and I  cut out baguettes (they love these here in Spain) and butter and milk - from one day to the next they were out......the body response was immediate - so now I need the support to keep going and I think your website is going to do that.
Congratulations on the whole idea, I think its brilliant and I am going to "put it about" .

Best regards  - Jacqui

Linda - twenty year problem fixed

Hi again, 

I have come to the end of the Dairy Free elimination diet and I have proved without a shadow of a doubt that I DO have a food intolerance.  I don't expect my doctor to believe me as she hasn't been very helpful at all, just keeps putting it down to IBS.

...also thank you so much for very nearly curing a tremendous problem that I have had for over 20 years. Linda

Pamela: cravings, fuzzy head, sinus pain - gone

I am following the diet and am feeling MUCH better. The headaches, loose stools, stomach cramping, abdominal pain, gas, sinus congestion and  headache have subsided. The sugar cravings, and fuzzy head are gone too.
In any case, I am still keeping up the food journal, which has proven to be invaluable.
Thanks, Pam  

PAM (Four years later)

Sure you can use the letter! It’s amazing to me that its been over 4 years now. I eat more organic foods, and learned to be a better cook. I even considered a career shift to diet and nutrition – that’s how much of a profound effect this journey has had on my life.

Thanks so much for the great info. I could not have gotten better without your help!


George, his Mum and the dog - finally well

Thanks for helping......

Your team was a great help to me...... After 50 years, I figured I had some kind of food allergy. That was not with the help of doctors. They just made me worse.

I have fructose mal-absortion and soy allergic !
Thanks to you, I now know why I cannot eat some of the things that should not have fructose, but do !
Here in Brasil, they do not even know that fructose can do so much harm!

I am helping my mum (80 years old) to find out what she is allergic to .......and after the 21 days diet, it was positive to dairy!
I even am using it to help my dog .....he has skin problems and it is food related!

I cook everything (I and my dog) eat, gives a lot of work, but finally after 50 years I am healthy.

Thanks for your work. George M.


Mel - finally gaining again

Hi Deborah - Sure you can use my letter :) The diet has really helped my health. I've been able to gain weight and hence energy - as my food doesn't just go straight through me now.  
Thanks so much for all your help and support ;) Mel


Sue G. - Gluten intolerance in the family

I had IBS symptoms for years and a 10 year struggle to realise the foods that I could not eat.

I had all of the symptons you described in your list of bloating, wind, diarrhea, constipation, sinus, abdominal cramps etc., I talked to a friend who is a celiac and she advised me to eliminate gluten from my diet for a while. I did and I was quite poorly when I resumed eating gluten products. I did this test twice I was so shocked and the same thing happened. I am in my 50's and have never suspected I had a gluten intolerance. My son has similar symptons too.

My grandfather died of stomach cancer and I wonder if he was undiagnosed with gluten intolerance. I was/am so grateful to read your newsletters online and it has been reassuring and informative, not scaremongering at all and eye opening to find someone who is able to understand and relate my symptons.

Keep it up and thank you. Sue G. Suffolk, England.


Michie - fatigue, depression, mouth ulcers - all gone

Thank you so much for this site, this site is such a relief to me. I have had horrible mouth sores, gas + bloating, horrible depression and fatigue, I'm a classic example. If it were up to my doctor, I'd be on a plethora of prescription drugs, I can't wait to wean off of almost all of them. No medical person even brought up food intolerance - I researched it myself, I knew there had to be something to this. Thank you for helping me!!!

Sincerely, Michie

MICHIE (Two years later)

I am really excited that you want to use my letter (that would be a "yes"!)

Hopefully, you will reach even more people who are suffering needlessly from food intolerance.....you are presenting a real healing and viable solution. Thanks to you . . . I am living a happy life. I don't feel like I'm missing anything because there are many food choices out there for people like me, thanks to forums like yours who bring people together and create a demand for healthy food alternatives.

I appreciate you contacting me, and I wish you all the best on your latest venture!!! Michie

Janine - back in control of her life

Thank you for such an easy system and thanks for putting the control back into our hands allowing us not to have to rely on medical practitioners, it is so easy.

I am going to tell anyone I meet who isn’t feeling their best about your web site.

Kind regards, Janine

Erica (athlete) - no more headaches

I took your advice and the results have been fantastic. My headaches have reduced drastically as well as the regular wheeziness.

The biggest difference has been with the minor migrains i used to get after exercise...the hotter i got and the harder i worked out...especially running.....i would always end up with a massive headache that would last the rest of the day.

My husband and i love competing in triathlons, so in order for me to survive these headaches, i would take nurofen before a race (or workout) and then straight after....often i would still get the headache but sometimes not as bad. Now we have investigated a number of areas including my salt levels, neck and muscular problems and water intake, but nothing has solved the problem. It was getting to the point where i was scared to work out too hard (especially in summer) for fear of what i'd live with for the rest of the day......and with children...that's not good! 

Since being free of those foods i have been able to train hard and not have the headaches....it has been AMAZING....i thought it was something i would just have to live with.....so thanks a million!!!! Erica

Ann - sense of wellbeing returning

Dear Deborah,  Thank you, so far, so good.  I've managed to take care of myself through six holiday parties. I take along something for me.  My ugly symptoms are beginning to leave me and a sense of  well-being is returning.

Take care,   Ann

Jayne - speaking out about depression

Hello! I just want to respond to your recent newsletter article on depression.

How great is it that you are publishing this info because so many are affected and it is not until you seriously look at your diet and realise just how food really affects your emotions.

I can say this from my own personal experience. I know that if I have even a small amount of these foods my emotions are uncontrollable. I get panic attacks, anxiety, irritability, apathy and depression.

Thanks for the great info and keep up the good work!  Jayne

Carol - diarrhea, malabsorption cured

Thanks for your reply.  Actually, I am feeling good -- happier, pain-free, bloat-free, diarrhea-free, the dark spots on two of my nails are gone and more energy than I have had in a very long time.  After having had diarrhea for so long, it seems that the intestines are sluggish, but I'm hoping motility will improve soon.

Thank you Jemma for sticking with me through a very trying time.

CAROL (one month later)

I want to check in with you to let you know that I'm doing very well.  I've gained 3 pounds (up to 98 now), and I think I've really made progress. It baffles me (now that I am better educated thanks to you) that a gastroenterologist will diagnose IBS without checking for food intolerances as well. 

When I think of the years I wasted, feeling awful and lethargic, suffering awful brain fog and getting acquainted with every toilet in the county, I get sad.

Pauline - long term Irritable bowel

Hello Deborah...and thank you for the Gift you have given me of a life free of the dreaded 'd' word (diarrhea)...and many other symptoms.

Yes, of course, you can use my words...any of them...and I do not mind if you use my name or not...I can be a testament to the success of Foodintol!  I can never thank you enough - all that really hard and dedicated work you did REALLY has saved my life...and I really mean that.  People were talking about how ill I looked (not knowing how really ill I felt inside) until I found out it was food intolerance that was causing the illness.

Warmest regards....Pauline

Sonia - recommends us

Hi again Jemma, I appreciate your prompt reply and your assistance. I feel that the money I paid for the programme is worth every cent. I found the documents so comprehensive and your assistance is invaluable. I will recommend this diet to anyone that I encounter with similar problems as I have.



Rose - 'Friends think I'm finicky . . . '

I love this website.  It's so easy to understand and easy to send to my friends because they think I'm just totally finicky and high maintenance when it comes to eating.  I want to make sure I always have this information at hand.  I'm tired of explaining.  I want them to read it for themselves. 

Thank you. Rose

Jennifer - Irritable Bowel cured

Hi Jemma,

Thank you! ...  I have spoken so highly of this website and have told several people about it.  Hopefully, it has helped change their lives as it has helped change mine.  It's hard for me to believe that for 40 years I have avoided eating until I was back home for the remainder of the day. 

It never occurred to me that there was a solution to my extremely sensitive digestive system and the medical community just pointed to stress and anxiety.   Through your website I have learned that I am intolerant to gluten and dairy.  I also am sensitive to fructose but can tolerate small doses.  I'm so glad I discovered you!  I recently traveled to New York and spent 24 hours running around the city with no concern whatsoever of IBS.

Thank you,  Jennifer H.

Heather - Chronic headaches no more

Yes you can use my letter. I have been on the diet for only 1 week and I feel like a new person, I feel SOOOO great. I have not felt this good in over two years. I was suffering from chronic headaches that would required medication to subside but the medication would put me to sleep so I was completely useless the whole day. I have been headache free for almost a week without taking any pills. I was also on a medication for GERD and IBS, which have both subsided!!!

It’s amazing, I forgot how good I could feel without taking pills, I feel normal again.

Thank you so much!!!!  Heather

Monica S - arthritis, depression gone

I've been in the habit of reading up on health issues trying to figure this out for a long time.  I discovered the Healing Program on the internet last summer and have since learned about wheat intolerance, which I had not ever heard of.  Since every one of my symptoms was on the list for wheat intolerance I decided to cut it out completely.  I had a natural, inate fear of wheat products, but never understood it.  I felt immeasurably better the very next day.  I woke up at 6:00 again!  My arthritis completely disappeared within about two days.  My head has been clear every day and my emotional well being has become a non-issue.  One day while driving in the car I caught a glance of my eyes in the rear view mirror and realized the dark circles were gone.  My eye sockets have completely changed color and don't look sunken anymore.

I decided my 13 year old daughter had a problem also and I asked her to stop eating wheat.  I noticed a difference in her attitude the very next day.  She tested it last Friday and ate a lot of wheat in one day.  She broke out into hives on her face, had muscle spasms, and ached all over her spine and rib cage.

I can't thank you enough for ending the mystery of my health problems, but also for contributing to helping my daughter avoid a difficult life.  I'm so happy that my daughter is going to be able to avoid so simply her health problems.  I can tell she feels good now.

Thanks a lot. Monica S.

Peter - three years of Irritable bowel ended

"IBS has ruined my life for the past three years. But your methods are sensible and simple: Food Intolerance Healing Program journal pointed to lactose intolerance in 4 days and I had actual proof in another 2 weeks. Brilliant, just brilliant!"
Peter L., UK

Noeline - tiredness cured , lost 20 pounds

I am so thankful I found your site. I have felt great since mid April; have more energy, stamina and strength. My breathing is better and I do not get winded. I have lost almost 20 pounds and a couple of waist sizes when the bloat went away.

Your Symptoms Matrix is the first explanation to the Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I have had for over twenty years. Every doctor I went to said I didn't bathe enough, so I quit asking them.

The occurrences of anaphylactic shock symptoms are rare now and seem to be yeast or corn starch related. With gratitude, Noeline

Dear Deborah, You may use my letter if you change my name "to protect the innocent"! Thanks again for the information you put out that I still glean from. Noeline

Natalie - finally some answers

I just wanted to say thank you, out in the open to all who put together these lists of answers that have been wondering around my head for the past few years. 50 plus doctors visits over this past year and an absolutely killed spirit (especially for a twenty year old) I'm very happy to find an easily understood compilation of information.

My last doctors visit ended in myself saddened to hear I didn't test positive to celiac disease (crazily, but I needed a resolution). Wish one of the many doctors I've visited could've explained this to me as well as this website has and I imagine my (medical) insurance company does as well. Sincere thanks again.


Bob - migraines vanished, aches and pains gone

Dear Deborah,

My neurological issues have reduced significantly!  This is great, since it was the category that was giving me the most grief.  I have had two to four migraines with aura per month for the last two years.  I have now gone 31 straight days without one!  That's huge!  I truly hope it's not a coincidence. My skin issues have diminished significantly. My musculo-skeletal symptoms have decreased to almost nothing.

Thanks, Bob Sawitski

Valerie - back pain relief after after 20 years of suffering

"I wish to tell you that your program has been wonderful for me! What an amazing difference in my overall health! I can sleep better than I have in years! No more belly trouble, or worse, BACK PAIN! I've had that back pain for over 20 years! I'm not afraid to work in the yard or do other strenuous things that I always thought were "hurting my back"--I'm healthier than I thought! I wish I had found you sooner, but am so grateful to have found you at all! Thanks for a sensible, systematic approach to taking care of the body! I just thought my body was "out to get me!" I'd seen at least 6 doctors over the years, and not one asked about my diet…"

Valerie H., CA, USA

Jaynee - bloating gone, losing weight

"My bloated stomach was a joke around the office. I have a full figure but not that big. But suddenly I've dropped a dress size! I always knew I had problems with wheat and gluten but the Detection Diet picked up that I'm lactose intolerant too. I've been overweight for years but I'm so much slimmer now - eating differently. I never suspected, now I wear size 10 skirts and belts. Thanks!"

Jaynee L., ID, USA

Kate - anaemia, aching joints, IBS - all gone

Dear Deborah,

I felt I had to email you to let you know how I have been doing on your program.

After the birth of my son 18 years ago I started suffering with symptoms of IBS.  I was in my early 20’s and utterly miserable.

I visited so many doctors over the years, I was bloated, tired, anaemic, suffered bouts of constipation and diarrhoea, my back and joints ached. I could name more but I am sure you know them all yourself.

I was told to carry Imodium in my bag, drink more water (because that’s why I had constipation right?!) and exercise more. I was too damn tired to exercise, but they just saw it as an excuse. I felt bad for my family, I couldn’t sit through a movie without having to rush to the toilet and driving anywhere new was a nightmare, I could need the toilet at the drop of a hat and I would suffer from anxiety when out and about.

I work as an Education Assistant in an education support centre.  About a month ago I had a particularly bad bout of diarrhoea, it went on for the entire week.  I am so lucky I work with a wonderful teacher who is very understanding, but by the end of the week I had had enough.  I was seriously thinking of leaving the job I love. How could I carry on like this? It wasn’t fair to my employer, the students or myself.  I started researching again my symptoms. 

I came across your website. I never seriously thought that my symptoms could be a result of a food intolerance.  The more I read the more I thought what have I got to lose?

I printed out the journal and decided I would omit gluten from my diet.  After FOUR days of not eating anything with gluten in I could not believe I felt NORMAL!!

I carried on with the detection diet, and came to the day when I had to eat breakfast with gluten.  I ate it.  I waited.  Within 5 hours I felt dreadful, I was bloated again, had diarrhoea, felt sick and I actually felt quite tearful. The next day was even worse.

Four days later, again following the detection diet and omitting gluten I felt fine, and almost a week later I feel normal again.

How could all those Doctors I saw not know about this?  I feel like I have wasted so many years of my life.I am so happy that I found your website, I wish I had found it sooner.  You have given me the knowledge to get on with my life and ENJOY it!!

From my family and I, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

Kindest Regards - Kate P.

Sally - psoriasis cured: "you make sense"

Dear Deborah,

You are the only one who makes sense, no one else seems to know anything about this.
Apparently, even our allergists here in this area don't recognize this so I haven't gone to one, but other people have told me that they don't know anything about it. I've gone to a Naturopath and he knows nothing.

Thank you again, Sally

Eva - intestinal spasms healed

It has now been 43 days since I started the Detection Diet and I feel WONDERFUL! I was creeping up to nearly 150 lbs, and at first had not lost any weight, but now am down to 139.5 lbs. I lost inches in the beginning. I was so bloated I did not even know it. I knew something was wrong, but had no idea what. It turned out all that I was eating was killing my stomach and intestines.

My doctor diagnosed me with intestinal spasms and gave me some medication to stop the spasms. Just prior to that appointment, I purchased the Detection Diet, read up on it for three days and got started, without taking the medication for spasms.
I am SO grateful for this. I have been on Prilosec for 12 years and every morning and evening I HAD to take it. Now, I take it about once a week if that. Unreal!
I never thought I was feeling so bad because of my diet. I ate healthy, in fact people look to me for advice on it.

I THANK YOU. Wish I would have done this before. Please use it in your newsletters, and I am happy to talk with anyone about it. THANKS AGAIN! Eva

Frank - no more migraines

Thanks for the email, I actually downloaded a few items and started the detection diet, I did the first investigation and I haven't had a migraine since, and only 2 or 3 very minor headaches.

I need to finish the diet but I have been so happy about not having headaches everyday I stopped tracking and writing stuff down, I need to follow through and finish the program.

The good news is that it looks like food intolerance is a major major problem for me, I have suffered with varying degree of headaches and migraines for many years now and food intolerance seems to be the problem.

Thanks for the email. Frank