How A Muddled Metabolism Causes Weight Gain

Find out how food sensitivities mess up your metabolism - making you gain weight without overeating. Learn how discovering your 'problem foods' leads to welcome weight loss - with little effort... 

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Member letters

"I have lost at least 6 kilos since starting on this program- received some nice compliments today on that (I wore a "slimming" black dress to emphasise it) - and my doctor and dietician will just about fall off their chairs! Thanks so much." Sue M. (Aust.)

"Now I've got proof there was something wrong. I knew it, I knew it! And now I understand why I got so big . . . it was my wonky metabolism causing fluid retention, about 13 lbs (6 kg) of it! Thanks so much. We love you guys!"  Beth L., FL (USA)

Hi Beth and Sue: Congratulations! Who would have thought a simple Journal could do all that . . . your symptoms don't lie! Enjoy your well deserved success and great new health – Love, Deborah


The Power of a Journal to find your Food Intolerance

A Journal puts system into your exploration. And our purpose-designed Detection Diet Journal is famous for great results and simplicity.

All you do is track changes in your symptoms as you switch a few foods.

You'll also need some food substitution guides to enjoy a great variety of foods as you lose weight. The full series of six Complete Guides (to Gluten-free, Yeast-Free etc.) is included in the Perfect Figure Healing Program.

Plus you also receive Perfect Figure Secrets: 38 Do's and Don'ts about natural easy weight loss ...Find out more >




More Member letters

"I am so excited about my results.  The eczema is healing, I no longer have the chronic pain that my doctor had finally determined was fibromyalgia.  The prescribed meds I tried made it worse. Today is day 15 and I have already lost 10 pounds, without any hunger.  I am not getting the saggy skin that usually comes with a 10 pound loss either.  I feel better than I have felt in years. Thank you, thank you." Barbara B.

"I am so thankful I found your site. I have felt great since mid April; have more energy, stamina and strength. My breathing is better and I do not get winded. I have lost almost 20 pounds and a couple of waist sizes when the bloat went away. Yours is the first explanation to the Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I have had for over twenty years. Every doctor I went to said I didn't bathe enough, so I quit asking them. Noeline

"Eating Yeast-free has me full of energy, devoid of any symptoms, losing weight and feeling healthier than I ever can remember feeling! Thanks a million and a Happy Christmas to all at foodintol!"  Fran T., Agnes, South Australia 

".. not a doubt in the world. . sensitive to gluten . . as of today, my waist is down a whopping 4 inches! No more "knot" up high in my stomach, constipation going away. Battled eczema on my face in two stubborn places for years...GONE. Had celiac antibody test a year ago...came back negative. Amazing, huh? Tell Deborah I thank her with all my heart. Next is the dairy discovery!"
Carole H., MI. USA   More info >



Food intolerance and Metabolism issues (Thyroid disorders)



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