Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd

Founder, Director

If only I'd had this knowledge before - I could have saved myself years of misery! But now you benefit from all our research. We have created the app app-driven programs so anybody can know this stuff instantly - on their phone.



Back in the 1970s all I wanted was relief - and weight loss. But because there was little information - I took the long road of investigating food intolerance. Years of studying the medical journals  - and I got answers! Knowledge really is power.


I had constant symptoms (headaches, anaemia, sinus pain, chronic tiredness, glandular fever, pneumonia, gastro symptoms, frequent virus infections - even after two miscarriages and a life-threatening blood disease - doctors were unable to heal me - or even tell me why


I had always followed well-known nutritional 'rules' - but had gained many kilos without explanation. For two decades I had dozens of tests and many pills and antibiotics - with all their side effects. But nothing changed.


So I decided to apply my experience and qualifications in Science. In 1995 after months of research in university libraries reading dozens of studies - I tracked down the possibility of food intolerance and began experimenting with foods. Well, what a revelation!

This is the 'after' picture at my son's wedding - I was finally well, energised and so much slimmer! 

That was the 'long road'. 

  • From this we created first the Healing Program used by thousands with great results.
  • But now we have app-driven programs for faster more convenient use

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All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals