Elimination Diet (Journal Method)

Proven Journal Method for understanding the action of Food Toxins

The Journal method is still the most effective way to investigate food sensitivities. Track changes in your symptoms as you switch foods in the foodintol® LoTox Trial.

New discoveries about FOOD TOXINS are changing the food intolerance landscape. We now know there are around twenty food toxins which act together to cause gradual internal damage.

Perforated intestinal lining leads to Leaky Gut. Cellular damage happens at the pancreas, kidney, eyes, brain or liver. Over months and years this damage not only gives symptoms. Its effects accrue - and eventually your doctor will diagnose disease. 

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Delayed symptoms confuse things

Because the symptoms of food intolerance are delayed - it can be tricky to associate particualr foods with symptoms. Even more difficult - food toxins act together. That means a diet that eliminates gluten - gluten-free - might bring some relief. But not full resolution.