Deborah Manners BSc(Hons)DipEd

Founder of the Food Intolerance Institute

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Deborah Manners is a consumer just like you, who used to suffer with a raft of unexplained symptoms and illnesses including migraine, weight gain, IBS, sinusitis, back ache and miscarriage.

Now she is healthy, slimmer and 17 kg lighter. Her two children are now healthy adults. Back in 1996 she discovered she had a number of food intolerances - after exhaustive research of medical journals in university libraries. This knowledge and her journey back to health changed everything in her life, including her career. 

Her passion is to share this knowledge with anyone who wants a healthy body, sparkling mind ... or wants to achieve improved fitness and athletic performance.

Her university studies (Monash University, Australia) included physiology and chemistry majors. These disciplines assisted her original research of medical journals and enabled the high calibre website content about food intolerance. Thousands of scientific papers have been read, digested, sorted and collected together into an easy-to-read format.

Deborah's story


Where do we get our information?

We use the purest and most trustworthy source: peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. Thousands of scientists are working all round the world all the time to explore how foods affect our bodies and what we can do to protect ourselves from ill health and disease.  Here at foodintol® our charter to stay abreast of new findings and report them back to you - the food intolerant consumer.

See our constantly updated  References page for medical Journal references.

With the help of a very talented and dedicated team foodintol® has been created to be what Deborah wanted all those years ago - when she was searching for answers: a comprehensive resource centre about food intolerance with News, Facts and Solutions to streamline life for those with food intolerance.


Our Promise to You

  • Plain language - yet comprehensive information on food intolerance
  • Simple step-by-step guides and strategies for identifying and managing food intolerance
  • Continuously updated titles incorporating new research


Our Mission

We have developed foodintol® to be both educational and effective support for those with food intolerances and food allergies. There are five main issues we face and this is how we address them:


foodintol® is your REFERENCE SITE. Your best defence is always good information! We value education and want you to understand:

      • No two people are the same - and neither are their food sensitivities. We each have unique food needs

      • Undiagnosed food intolerance leads to chronic disease: arthritis, diabetes, cancers and others

      • How to find out what’s in the foods you and your family are eating

      • How to identify and manage your food sensitivities without drugs or therapies


We review scientific and medical findings continuously and publish them (with references) in an easy to understand format. There are always new discoveries being made. 


Minimising Medications

Because food intolerance is genetic - it is for life. You don’t get over it. We believe it is better to adjust your food choices slightly to manage illness and disease - than to use medications. Do this by staying informed, and understanding how you body processes foods.

You can trust foodintol® publications - all our information is drawn from peer-reviewed medical journals.

Driving Change

Since 2003 we have been driving change by publishing and educating the community about food intolerance. We hope healthcare professionals will begin to recognise and diagnose symptoms of food sensitivity more readily. Food intolerance is not well understood by the medical profession - in Australia - or elsewhere  around the world.

Understanding your own individual food intolerance, and its consequences breeds a heightened awareness of food sensitivity generally. Our members need to have A VOICE with food manufacturers, major retailers and government for better, wider choices. One of the major objectives of foodintol® is to raise general awareness of food intolerance and its prevalence - via education in the community. We believe an informed and vocal community will be more effective at bringing about change.



The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd - foodintol® is a privately funded Australian entity set up to address the needs of those with food sensitivities.ABN 37 644 931 517

We provide information and practical solutions to overcome the difficulties of food intolerance. We derive some revenue from the sale of our publications and support services. No third parties provide funding - and no conflicts of interest arise. Our purpose is to assist those (up to 75%) of all people with special needs arising from food sensitivity.


Advertising policy

We do not accept advertising on this website. We do not participate in free web hosting services. Nor do we display exchanged banner advertisements. and the foodintol® trademark are wholly owned in Australia by the Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd ABN: 37 644 931 517



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical studies