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Terms of service

Purchase Terms of Service

1. Refund guarantee on Healing Programs and Packages: Here at foodintol® we are dedicated to bringing you the best possible Programs so you can discover your particular food intolerance. If you follow the guide but do not find your food intolerance - just send the completed journal in its original format back to us within 30 days of your purchase - with your proof of purchase and your Refund Claim form – and we will refund your money in full - including postage. Send to: PO Box 757 Hawthorn 3122 Australia. Please note - other versions of your data are not acceptable e.g. spreadsheets.

Other publications: Due to the infinite downloadability and easy dissemination of information delivered electronically - no refunds are payable on publications.

3. Refunds. All refunds paid via PayPal.

4. Receiving your Purchase: Spam filters and email blockage. We deliver your purchases twice:

• On the landing webpage after your payment

• Again as an email containing links to the email address you gave

The Purchaser accepts all responsibility of receipt of messages (including payment confirmations) via email from the foodintol® website. The blockage, hindrance or failure of delivery or receipt of emails due to the Purchaser\'s spam filter or other personal security firewalls is not the responsibility of The Owner and no compensation is payable by The Owner for loss or inability to access. See also Clause below regarding Purchaser\'s computer equipment.

5. Discounts and coupon code rebates. These are available from time to time and are applicable prior to purchase only. No discounts are payable after the purchase transaction is complete.

6. Computer hardware and software: The Purchaser accepts responsibility for having appropriate computer hardware, software and internet access. Specifically, the Owner is not responsible for the Purchaser’s inability to download materials due to outdated, inappropriate or malfunctioning computer equipment and/or software.


Owner: The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia Pty Ltd ABN 37644931517