Cravings? Chronic Fatigue? Highs and Lows? Headache?

Cravings for sugar or starchy foods can set you on a physical and emotional rollercoaster.  But here's the good news: it's probably not your lack of willpower: it's more likely to be food intolerance. So stop beating yourself up - and learn what to do next.

Sugar cravings, mood swings and headache - the food intolerance 'cocktail'

Sugar cravings and chronic fatigue are common signs of food intolerance. But if you have all of them together it's like a really bad cocktail. It's like you gain more weight than seems possible from the calories eaten.

That's because food intolerance can mess with your thyroid gland, interfering with your metabolism. So you can gain weight without overeating. . . or you can lose weight for no apparent reason. (Find out how to lose weight without effort - by re-balancing your metabolism)

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Member letter

Andy - the confirmed skeptic

"Dear Foodintol - First of all I'm a confirmed skeptic - ask anyone who knows me. Second - my wife would laugh herself silly if she knew I was emailing you. But this really is something else - I'm feeling GRReat!

She told me months ago I could be reacting to sugar (like fructose). But I'm a regular guy . . . . Me - my body? Sugar-sensitive? No way. I can eat anything - as much as I like.

But how to explain the cravings? Highs and lows? And headaches? And then wrecked energy-drained senseless day. I felt bloated all day and I won't even mention what was happening in the bathroom. Truth is - I got so I was ready to try anything, even leaving out the candy bar snax.

And I guess 28 is no teenager. So my wife got me this Detection journal Healing thing. Turns out it was Fructose, of all things! And after doing it around 4 weeks now she says I'm a nicer guy. (That, on top of my old energy in the cot - she's forgotten how nice I can REALLY be.)

I admit it, the cravings were getting a little out of hand. And man, I was SO TIRED. Got so I didn't work out at the gym for seven months. And I know the boss noticed, he was starting to crack wise how he was disturbing my sleep.

Yep! My wife really is something. For finding you guys. For me it's been, well - (!!#??!) awesome!" Andy McF, IL USA - Skeptic


HI ANDY and thanks for the great rap. What can we say? Except keep up the great work. We always need more buff dudes!


I am ready for an immediate solution - what's next?

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We want you to be well!



Food intolerance and Thyroid disorders e.g. Metabolism



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