Leaky Gut and Inflammatory Conditions

Some foods have a bad effect on your intestine and actually damage the tissue lining. It's called food intolerance - and happens because your system cannot digest some foods properly. The half broken down proteins create inflammation.

The good news is - 'Switching a Few Foods' means you can heal without drugs - because you remove the cause.

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First Signs Can Be Allergies, Chronic Fatigue or Headache

Chronic fatigue or lethargy - when you have no energy at all - can be one of the very first signs you have food intolerance. So also can frequent headaches or migraine.

Another is years of allergies and hay fever - an extremely common condition. This is chronic inflammation.

There can also be arthritis or chronic eczema. When you don't process foods properly - the partly digested proteins cause mischief in the body. And the very first consequence is inflammation - in almost any part of the body.

If you do suffer from any of these conditions it's a good bet that you have a food intolerance. And the good news is - many people find they get well easily, and with no drugs or medications at all . . . simply by Switching a Few Foods.


Chronic inflammatory disease discussed in Video


Food Intolerance Matters!

It's really worthwhile to understand food sensitivity. If left unchecked - it starts as simple tissue damage but leads to dozens of symptoms and sicknesses - especially inflammatory conditions.

Most doctors recognise "Leaky Gut Syndrome" as a collection of symptoms - but they have no real understanding of why it happens. So they offer temporary symptom relief - medication.

  • Unfortunately most doctors don't understand that the majority of cases of Leaky Gut are simple food intolerance - and that just by switching a few foods the body heals itself without drugs


Find Your Problem in This List:

Illnesses caused by Unchecked Food Intolerance

How many people suffering from any of these (in any combination) have considered the possibility of food intolerance? Go through the list and tick off how many you have:

    • Aching legs, back ache or arthritis
    • Family history of arthritis
    • Respiratory difficulty, asthma or chronic cough
    • Allergies and hay fever
    • Frequent or regular headaches
    • Frequent infections like colds and 'flu
    • Weekly or daily bloating and gas
    • Irritable Bowel (alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation)
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Food cravings, irritability
    • Anxiety or panic attacks
    • Eczema or itchy rashes
    • Psoriasis
    • Iron deficiency (anaemia)
    • Osteoporosis - bone density loss
    • Behavioural problems in children
    • Mood swings or depression
    • Chronic tiredness or lethargy
    • Recurring fungal (yeast) infections like candida or tinea
    • Family history of colitis or Crohn's disease
    • Family history of heart disease
    • Family history of diabetes type 1 or 2
    • Being somewhat overweight - or underweight
    • Difficulty conceiving a child or miscarriage


Could you have food intolerance?

If you have any of the symptoms listed - you probably have food intolerance. Please understand that these symptoms - if left unattended will develop further and possibly lead to more serious disease. That's why we have created a simple drug-free journal-based solution that anyone can follow.

Get Healthy for Life!

Whether you are suffering with symptoms - or just want to be healthy - knowing the right foods for your genetic background, your health history and your fitness levels is vital.

The secret is to achieve complete digestion - not partial digestion - which can damage the gut. 'Modern foods' like grains, sugars, nightshades, corn and dairy foods ... can interfere with bodily processes and lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

The good news: A damaged gut heals quickly once you substitute the troublesome foods (eat correctly for your food intolerance) using a simple Journal system >

The foodintol® Healing Program is a proven system

The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia has helped thousands of people discover their food intolerance.

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