What Causes Arthritis?

Back Ache, Neck Pain, Joint Stiffness, Restless Legs

Definition, Prevalence, Symptoms, Causes and Testing

Recent studies* have shown that the chronic inflammation in joints which leads to rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by poorly digested foods - Food Intolerance.

Further - studies show that dietary changes arrest disease progress and allow healing to begin. Imagine healing Arthritis - by eating differently!


How common is Arthritis?

Prevalence of Arthritis

Most arthritis occurs as Osteoarthritis - but Rheumatoid Arthritis is widely suffered too. They are both characterised as " inflammatory diseases". That is - there is serious inflammation at work deep in the tissues of the bone joints and tendons of the body.

How common are arthritic conditions? Various studies indicate the following:

  • Around 15% - or approximately 40 million Americans had some form of arthritis in 1995
  • By the year 2020, this number will have increased to 18% - 59 million people in the US alone

Women affected more than men

In a 2007 study - it was found arthritis imposes a higher disease burden on women than men:

"Arthritis continues to burden the U.S. population as the leading cause of physical disability and affects women disproportionately: women with arthritis report greater prevalence of activity and work limitations, psychological distress, and severe joint pain than their male counterparts."

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What causes Arthritis?

Food Intolerance Can Cause Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by continuous inflammation in the joints - either wearing down bone surfaces (osteoarthritis) or inflaming and swelling cartilage and tendon tissue (rheumatoid arthritis).

This is exactly what happens when you cannot properly digest certain foods - food intolerance. When there is only partial breakdown of the proteins - inflammation starts and gradually leads to arthritic conditions in food-sensitive people.

But how can foods cause inflammation?

When you have food intolerance - you cannot fully digest certain food proteins - and your small intestine gets damaged. The small intestine is a vital part of your body - because it is your last protection from toxic bacteria, viruses and other 'foreign' things.

But some half broken down proteins damage the small intestine. You may have heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Suddenly there are millions of 'foreign' things in your bloodstream which should not be there. And the body's First Response is always inflammation:

  • Inflammation in the skin results in Eczema and psoriasis
  • Inflammation in the respiratory system leads to asthma and respiratory infection
  • Inflammation in the joints leads to Arthritis

But when you discover your food intolerance and switch a few foods - your arthritis can begin healing naturally - and without medications. All you need is a simple Journal - like the Detection Diet Journal - as used in the Healing Program.

Why did I get Arthritis?

Why do I have Arthritis?

Arthritis - an inflammatory condition has known links to food intolerances. See research >.

So the real question is "Why did I get food intolerance?"

ANSWER: Food intolerance is genetic. It's in your genes! So you got it from your parents, grandparents and other ancestors. And you cannot change your genes. But you can work with what you have - and tailor your diet to suit your needs.

And - if you are lucky enough to have children - you have already passed on those same genes to your sons and daughters - and even your grandchildren. It makes sense then - to fully understand food intolerance, doesn't it - so you can share the knowledge with the whole family. This way they can make informed decisions - and not be caught out by disease appearing 'out of the blue'.

Food intolerance is the result of eating foods which are inappropriate for you. Not all foods suit every body. Certain foods are just not right for some of us.

Investigate how to "Switch a Few Foods" and heal your arthritis naturally and permanently with the Healing Program.

How do you Test for Arthritis?

Testing for Arthritis

Clinical tests: There are a number of clinical tests your doctor may order - which you may have across many weeks. In various ways these will investigate whether your pain and inflammation can be labelled as "arthritis". Each test result gives a small part of a bigger picture - and your doctor pieces together the information.

A diagnosis can arise from this process. But it is not a cure.

Arthritis from untreated Food Intolerance

If food intolerance is causing your arthritis - all you need to do is find out which intolerance it is and switch a few foods.

  • Remove the cause of the inflammation and your arthritis begins to heal

Test for Food Intolerance using a simple Journal.

How do you cure Arthritis?

What is the cure for Arthritis?

Arthritis is a well known - and very widely suffered "chronic disease" - and many doctors label it 'incurable'.

However - other doctors take a different approach and go looking for the cause (frequently a food intolerance). Because if you can find the cause and remove it - the brilliant human body heals itself naturally.

Here at the Food Intolerance Institute we have developed a simple journal system based on the tried-and-proven Elimination Diet. It's called the Healing Program - and users love it:

Member letter

"Would you please publish my story. I took anti-inflamatories for nine years for stiff arthritic joints and back pain. According to my doctor I had to do it for life. But what with the side effects of strange moods and depresion I decided to look on the internet for answers and food allergy came up.

"The upshot is I used the Healing package and got some answers. At first I was a real skeptic but now I am a believer. Getting on top of it all was a struggle at first but now I am a new person and guess what? No more anti-inflamatories. I am my old self again - the one my husband remembers!

"Deborah please ask your readers whether they really need all those anti-inflamatories or if it's better to find the cause of the inflammation and just remove it." Phyllis B. WA

What is the treatment for Arthritis?

Treatments for Arthritis

Temporary relief treatment: You can take daily medications or supplements from your doctor for a few hours relief. You will probably need to take these anti-inflammatory medicines for life. Unfortunately - many find there are difficult side-effects. But even with medication the disease still progresses - and can lead to bone deformities and further disability. Surgery may be your next option.

Permanent relief treatment: Find the actual cause of your arthritis (your food intolerance) and substitute that food for other great foods.

It's a natural solution without drugs or procedures - and you'll begin feeling the effect within a week or two. Your amazing human body begins healing as soon as you remove the cause of the inflammation . . .

Control Inflammation By Discovering Your Problem Foods: The Healing Program Solution

Find out exactly the right foods for you - and take control of your body. The Healing Program delivers so many benefits:

  • Stop suffering: symptoms subside within days
  • A permanent solution for inflammatory conditions
  • Plus - notice better skin, hair and nails
  • Achieve the weight changes you want - naturally
  • It's genetic - so share your findings with the family

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*Food intolerance, arthritis and other inflammatory disease



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals