Which Foods Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Believe it or not we can actually start feeling blue and even get depression by eating foods our bodies cannot fully digest. It's called food intolerance - and the partially broken down food molecules produced get up to terrible mischief in the body.

Sometimes they create inflammation in the skin or joints or organs. And sometimes they disrupt those precious vital processes which allow us to cope and stay happy.

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Anxiety Attacks and Depression - From Many Foods

If you are experiencing anxiety, blue feelings or even early signs of depression - it could be something as simple as eating the wrong foods (references below). So before resorting to heavy anti-depressant medication - make sure you have thoroughly checked out whether you could have a food intolerance.

  • Wouldn't you rather Switch a Few Foods - than get into heavy medications - and all their dreadful side-effects?

According to medical Journal evidence - the main culprits for anxiety and depression are:

  • Gluten from grains like Wheat and Barley
  • Sugars like those in processed foods
  • Dairy products (lactose)
  • Nightshade vegetables... and
  • Yeast - from many foods

You may be intolerant to one or more of these - and it may be making you feel bad. How to find out?

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Why a Journal to find Your Food Intolerance?

A journal puts system into your exploration. It's easy. All you do is track your symptoms as you switch a few foods. Find out more >


Member letter

Thank you so much for this site, this site is such a relief to me. I have had horrible mouth sores, gas + bloating, horrible depression and fatigue, I'm a classic example. If it were up to my doctor, I'd be on a plethora of prescription drugs, I can't wait to wean off of almost all of them. No medical person even brought up food intolerance - I researched it myself, I knew there had to be something to this. Thank you for helping me!!!  Sincerely, Michie

MICHIE (Two years later) ....I am really excited that you want to use my letter (that would be a "yes"!) Hopefully, you will reach even more people who are suffering needlessly from food intolerance.....you are presenting a real healing and viable solution. Thanks to you . . . I am living a happy life. I don't feel like I'm missing anything because there are many food choices out there for people like me, thanks to forums like yours who bring people together and create a demand for healthy food alternatives.

I appreciate you contacting me, and I wish you all the best on your latest venture!!! Michie


I think I might have food intolerance: What should I do?

Beginning with the free e-book we can help you establish if you are suffering from gluten or wheat intolerance or if your symptoms indicate an intolerance to dairy, fructose or yeast. You may even be suffering from more than one food intolerance.

Doing nothing can be a risk. Undiagnosed food intolerance can cause serious long-term health problems like osteoporosis, anaemia and many others. Sign up for the Free E-book 'How to Tell If You Have Food Intolerance'



Food Intolerance and Depression



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