Diabetes and Modern Foods

Pre-Diabetes: Can we afford this looming epidemic?

Dozens of research studies link modern foods like grains and milk products to the development of diabetes.  That means we could prevent millions of pre-diabetics from developing the disease - simply by suggesting they 'switch a few foods'.

Trouble is, most doctors are unaware - and lead their patients into a lifetime of treatment.


      • In the US alone there are estimated to be 26 million diabetics (8.3%)

      • A further 79 million are estimated to be pre-diabetic

      • In 2007 in the US - diabetes contributed to more than 230,000 deaths


Perhaps We Need A Different Approach?

The presence of diabetes is so entrenched in our society that we have become quite accepting, even comfortable with it. But how can we be so complacent? And how can we consistently ignore the new research linking ‘modern’ foods like grains and dairy to autoimmune diseases like diabetes type 1?

  • Millions and millions of dollars are set aside every year to find a cure for diabetes

But surely – doesn’t the search for the cause carry a great deal more scientific and moral merit than a search for a magical potion?

Why put medicines into a pre-diabetic body (even if they do temporarily reduce symptoms) - when we know there will be side-effects . . . and when there is now ample evidence (ref.s below) that simply removing the cause of the illness will arrest the progress of a disease – and in many cases allow the body to heal naturally?

Is diabetes really incurable?

Most doctors tell diabetic patients that their disease is 'incurable'. But many people may not know that diabetes can be caused by intolerance to foods like milk protein and gluten - and is therefore preventable. So they don't investigate food intolerance.

Instead most of us are focussed on 'disease management' with drugs and lifestyle changes.


Medical Journal Evidence

Here at foodintol® - our understanding is this:

  • Many chronic diseases are incurable with medicines
  • But find the cause of the disease and remove it - disease progress is arrested and healing begins (Ref.s below)

The medical journals are bristling with evidence that diabetes is brought about by eating 'modern foods' - those foods which were not available to our prehistoric ancestors and which we cannot fully digest:

  • Grass grains like barley, wheat and oats
  • Nightshade vegetables
  • Milk products
  • . . . in fact, those foods we list in the Definition of Food Intolerance

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A glance at the medical literature reveals dozens of studies and published papers on the detrimental effect modern foods have on the human intestine leading to colitis, diabetes, bowel cancers and others.


But exactly how does this damage happen?

Most of the answer is - the lining of the small intestine gets damaged: tiny holes are torn in the tissue - leading to a medical condition known as Leaky Gut syndrome. When this part of your intestine is damaged - all kinds of things can get into your blood stream easily - and from there to anywhere in your body.


The Drug-Free Way to Beat Diabetes

While we may not be able to heal precious beta-cells in the pancreas - the evidence is that pre-diabetics can arrest the progress of disease by identifying their food intolerance and adjusting the diet.

So 79 million pre-diabetic Americans can avoid the slippery path to diabetes without drugs - with the Journal Method - as used in the Healing Program.

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We want you to be well!



Food intolerance and Diabetes




All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals