Bloating and Flatulence - Unmentionable Symptoms

Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

You know what it's like: the embarrassing gurgling, straining to squeeze into trousers, the bellyache, and unmentionable sequels later in the day.

Life is too short to live with flatulence and stomach bloating. But the good news is - these are a sure sign of food intolerance. Armed with this information - you can choose to be free of them.


What is the Definition of Bloating and Flatulence?

Bloated stomach and flatulence are extremely common amongst those eating a typical Western diet. These two symptoms are common to all the major food intolerances: Gluten, Dairy, Fructose, Nightshades and Yeast.

DEFINITION: Flatulence is the produciotn of excess and unusual gases in the abdomen or digestive tract. These gases are produced when the body cannot digest certain foods. When only partial digestion happens - unrecognised products appear - in amounts the gut may be unable to accommodate easily.

Excess gases exert undue pressure in the intestine causing pain - and swelling (distension) or stomach bloating.

As these gases are semi-digested byproducts of an incomplete reaction they are often malodourous and even toxic. After appearing and causing such pain and discomfort - the gases move through the entire length of the gut -(with difficulty and straining) - for the next event, elimination - as flatulence.

These symptoms are typical of Food Intolerance.

Which symptoms are associated with Bloating and Flatulence?

Associated symptoms

There can be many symptoms which arise with - or as a consequence of Bloating and Flatulence.

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The symptoms occur with any of Dairy Intolerance - or Fructose intolerance or Gluten (Wheat) intolerance.

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What is the treatment for Bloating and Flatulence?

How do you treat Bloated Stomach and Flatulence?

The simple strategy for bloated stomach and flatulence is to find out your food intolerance. Then simply substitute the trouble some foods for other great foods. Supermarkets today have dozens of alternative food options and new ones are added every month.

To find out which food intolerance you have - track your symptoms as you switch foods using a simple Journal.

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Is there a cure for Stomach Bloating and Flatulence?

What is the cure for Bloating and Flatulence?

The cure is to find out your food intolerance and eat correctly for it!

Food intolerance is genetic. We cannot change our genes. But we can choose to eat foods that are appropriate for our systems - and are easily digested.


Bloated stomach is not normal

No - stomach bloating is NOT normal. But it is a precious warning sign that you have Food Intolerance.

Why not heed the signal and find out what is causing yours?

Bloated stomach is just one of the consequences of the "inability to fully digest certain food proteins" - known as food intolerance. Incomplete digestion leads to other problems: flatulence, stomach pain - even diarrhoea and/or constipation.

Over time it can develop into Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), anaemia, loss of nutrients (malabsorption), dehydration - even osteoporosis.

However - your stomach bloating is a useful signal that you need to do something. The most common culprits are intolerance Gluten, Dairy, Nightshades, Fructose and/or Yeast.

Don't worry! You will not have all these intolerances - only one or two at most. But wouldn't you like to be free of the pain, distress and embarrassment?


How Food Intolerance Causes Flatulence

When you have food intolerance, instead of producing small amounts of the harmless and odourless gases methane, nitrogen and oxygen as with normal digestion, the intestine begins producing toxic and smelly sulphides and mercaptans - sulphur bearing gases. The sulphur comes from the foreign proteins.

Sometimes these are produced under higher temperatures and pressures than our gut can easily manage and we feel ill with the bloating and pain.

Other conditions associated with flatulence:

    • Constipation
    • Anal inflammation
    • Haemorrhoids
    • Diarrhea
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Anaemia
    • Nutrient malabsorption
    • Depression

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Which food intolerance? How do I find out?

Nobody can tell from symptoms alone - because symptoms from all intolerances overlap. But with a purpose-designed Journal you make a few notes each day as you switch a few foods. For guaranteed results: The Healing Program



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